Canvas Artworks and Neon LED Signs: Why Elitist Should be Your Go-to brand For Quirky Home Décor

Canvas Artworks and Neon LED Signs: Why Elitist Should be Your Go-to brand For Quirky Home Décor

Home decor is steadily evolving, and as more and more millennials and zoomers are creating their own spaces, quirky decor has become a trend. Making your home unique is empowering and makes you feel more creative. If you’re looking for the next item to add to your eccentric living room or bonkers boudoir, look no further than Elitist.

Elitist specializes in neon LED signs and canvas artworks. Their signs feature a wide variety of colors and images, including inspirational sayings like “The World Is Yours” and “Hello Gorgeous,” images of your astrological sign, or pictures of angel wings, diamonds, or pinup girls. They even have a collection of Rick and Morty signs for any animation fans out there. “Our mission is to partner with you for success by bringing the wisdom of contemporary and historical thought leaders to your home through inspiring works of art,” Founder and CEO Mike Pashayan said. “You can make your life whatever you’d like it to be with the right thoughts and drive.” The neon signs are seven times more affordable than traditional models and are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They’re the perfect touch to any room and are destined to wow any guests. The site also offers unique canvas artworks, featuring striking colors and empowering images. Two lions face each other in a work including the words “CONQUER TOGETHER,” and there are many other motivational sayings like “Don’t Wish For It, Work For It” and “Work While They Sleep.” “We want to help our customers create a space they feel at home in. Our inspirational sayings put them in the headspace to try new things, while our beautiful colors and styles create a unified aesthetic.”

If you can’t find an LED sign that matches your own personal vibes, Elitist allows you to create your own custom sign for a bargain price, starting at $160. You can change your font, light color, text size, and backing shape to fit your own individual needs. They can even create custom images for an extra fee. “You get the style of a neon sign without any of the hassle. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name or favorite saying up in lights, we can make that a reality.”

Your home is a reflection of who you are as a person. If you’re a unique individual who loves to show off their quirky flare, Elitist’s neon signs and canvas artworks might be for you.

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