Ash Straughn, Aka “Kash”: Reaching The Pinnacle Of Success In Entrepreneurship As A Business Operations Coach

Ash Straughn

“You can do it all,” says the leading industry expert, content creator, and best-selling author.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we learn about people who have experienced it all and have created their own success story, their way. This very attitude of theirs has risen them to the top of their industries as self-made entrepreneurs. Many young women have risen to the forefront of the business world. They have been inspiring so many others to believe in their dreams and make pertinent efforts to achieve their desired success. Ash Straughn, aka Kash’s name, tops the list of such entrepreneurs. She has shown what it takes to reach the position she enjoys today in the vast business world as a business coach, industry leader, best-selling author, and entrepreneur.

Managing so many hats on her head did not come easy to her. Ash Straughn has had her fair share of struggles, which she overcame in the process of creating her unique niche in her chosen industry. Ash Straughn runs her business coaching company named The Kash Code, Inc, where she takes her coaching to the next level by providing business coaching as well as leadership training. For this, she has created a Mastermind Curriculum that coaches small business entrepreneurs on launching businesses and obtaining sales in less than 30 days.

In 2016, Ash began operating as a business operations coach. She didn’t enter the field blindly, however. Ash has over a decade’s experience in scaling multiple businesses to and many of them to millions of dollars in revenue. After gaining significant experience in the startup world, she decided to help business owners with the various useful tips and tricks that the many startup tech companies were using to grow their businesses month over month.

Ash also spends time expanding another one of her businesses concentrated on the importance of working with the future of our world, children. To provide equal opportunities, Ash Straughn founded Travel Funds Kids, bringing funding to schools and benefiting children worldwide.

Would you believe us if we also said that Ash has also built a presence as a content creator on social media? It’s true, this entrepreneur is doing exceedingly well with creating unique and informative content both on Instagram and her YouTube channel under the banner of her company, The Kash Code. We asked Ash what motivated her to join the industry she is in, and the ace entrepreneur replies that she felt that successful people tend to neglect the next person trying to make it. She felt the need to shift the entrepreneurial mentality to focus on ‘each one, teach one.’

That mindset allows Ash to focus on impacting the next person as best as she can. Throughout her career, she has learned so much and has passed that knowledge along in her mission to help businesses skyrocket in a very short period of time. A desire to serve more entrepreneurs led her to start her Mastermind Curriculum.

To find out more about her, follow the Instagram handle @thekashcode and her website,

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