How to See Instagram Insights: The Ultimate Guide


If you want to constantly track your progress and grow from it faster, you will have to understand the importance of data. From helping you understand who your audience is to figuring out the kind of content your IG followers would prefer, everything can be laid out crystal clear using data.  

Once your Instagram page takes off, you will find the need to constantly track your audience’s behavior. If your dream feed still needs work to be done, you can pay for Instagram likes on Leoboost. This will in turn increase your reach and attract more Instagram likes and followers. 

The data collected from this feature also helps you tackle the basic errors in your marketing. For example, insights help you understand if you’re targeting the wrong audience, or if your followers aren’t big fans of your content, or if you’re not posting at the right time, etc. 

In this article, you will understand everything about Instagram insights. But before that, let’s understand what exactly Instagram insights do. 

Role of Instagram Insights 

Instagram Insights is a feature that enables Instagram Business Account users to analyze data that are linked to their posts, stories, videos, followers, likes, and the overall profile. 

By observing this data, you can study what your followers like the most and the content that drives the most engagement from them so that you can constantly improve your marketing strategies.  

How to See Instagram Insights: The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Instagram Insights 

You can only use Instagram insights if you have a business profile on the app. So, if you don’t have a business account yet, we’re here to help you with it. 

How to Create an Instagram Business Profile

If you already have your personal Instagram account, you can simply use it to switch to a business account. Here’s how you can convert your existing Instagram account to a business profile:

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your brand yet, you can create one before converting your Instagram personal account to a business profile. 
  2. If your Instagram page is in private mode, make sure you change it to public mode because business accounts aren’t meant to be private. 
  3. Head over to your settings and scroll down to find the “Switch to Business Profile” option. Once you tap on this option, you successfully convert your account to a business profile. 
  4. Pick the Facebook page you would like your Instagram profile to be associated with. 
  5. Update your contact details on the “Set Up Your Business Profile” page.

Once you tap on Done, your business profile will be complete. To add more weight to your business profile, you can always buy world-class Instagram services like Instagram followers and likes from companies like Leoboost. When you choose to pay for Instagram likes on Leoboost, you can rest assured about getting only the real Instagram followers from real accounts. 

How to Access Instagram Insights 

From choosing to buy real Instagram followers to staying consistent with your content, once your business profile is up and running, you can start tracking your Instagram insights. To access your insights, tap on the menu located on the top right corner of your profile, and select “Insights” from the list of options. Once on Instagram Insights, you’ll be able to: 


  • Track your reach and impressions
  • Track your website clicks
  • Analyze your followers and profile visits
  • Track likes, comments, and saves on your post
  • Understand the kind of actions on your post
  • See where your post turned up on users’ feeds
  • Track insights related to your stories


Once you know what your Instagram insights can help you boost your Instagram likes and followers, you can now dive into the more detailed ways of understanding your analytics. Make sure you constantly track your Instagram likes and followers. Here’s how you can efficiently make use of Instagram insights to track the metrics like, followers, views, etc:

Reach and Impressions

Now that you understood how you can pay for Instagram likes on Leoboost, you can start expecting an influx of organic likes and followers. To access your reach and impressions, tap on the “Accounts Reached” option. This will display the number of people who have seen any of your posts on Instagram. Through this option, you will see the analytics for:

  • Activity – The number of times your profile has been visited, the number of website clicks you’ve received, etc.
  • Impressions – The number of times your posts are viewed. 
  • Top Posts – Posts that have received the highest engagement and reach. 
  • Top IGTV videos – IGTV videos with most engagement and reach. 
  • Top Stories – Stories with the highest reach and engagement. 

To be able to quickly see your results 

Website Clicks 

You can check your website clicks under the “Account Activity” option. This will show you the number of times users have clicked on your website link. 

Profile Visits 

To view the number of profile visits, you can tap the “Accounts Reached” option under the “Account Activity” option. This will show you the number of times users viewed your profile. 

Likes, Comments, and Saves

Head back to the “Recent Highlights” page and tap on “Content Interactions.” This will lead you to a page that will display how your posts are doing in the areas of post engagements. 

It will show you the number of likes a specific post received, the number of comments left on your post, and the number of saves made of your post.


Under the “Recent Highlights’ option, you will find the “Followers” option. Clicking on it will lead you to a Followers page. This page will show you the number of followers that you’ve either lost or gained over the past one week. 

It will also show the average times per day your followers are active on the app. This data can be important in terms of scheduling your posts in a way that a majority of followers can see. To get your first bunch of organic likes and followers flowing, you can even buy likes for your posts. 

Insights Per Post

If you want to see the data for a specific post, you can visit your profile, select the post you want to study, and click on “View Insights” option below the post. This will show you the entire activity associated with your post. 

Story Insights 

You can see your story insights by selecting the “Content You Shared” on the Insights menu. This will display the data from all your stories including the older ones and the ones that haven’t yet expired. 

How to See Instagram Insights: The Ultimate Guide

Now that you’ve understood how to create an Instagram Business Account and work around Instagram Insights, you can use this feature to measure your marketing moves across the app and come up with strategies that will ultimately help you get more likes on Instagram. To unlock the full potential of Instagram, be sure to opt for pay for Instagram likes on Leoboost.

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