Sanade the rocking star is thriving the world with his new song “Running”.


    Sanade is creating new niches with his song “Running”.


    People who dare to challenge their abilities could only understand the sweetness of victory. Some magnificent people like Sanade have created a new definition of success.


    It is glad to witness the success of some talent who are born to rule. Being a singer it is significant that you are connected with your heart. Hence, Sanade believes that it is necessary that you connect with your songs from the heart that could be achieved only through adding emotions and feelings to the songs.


    Sanade believes that his connection with the people is through his love for the songs. He gives life to the music through his melodic voice. This is what makes him different from others.


    However, he never finds his creativity being limited, he adds and molds his tones that are incomparable and unique. Shining like a star requires hard work and dedication says Sanade. Hence, with his music career, he has gone through several hurdles that have blocked his path of success but he never took his failures as his weakness but he worked and groomed on each fall and learned new ideas.


    Sanade says “Singing is a mode of connection with millions of hearts” hence it has to be natural. Sanade born with a melodious voice considers himself the blessed person who has the power to enchant people under his trap of melodic sound.


    The song “Running” has love, vulnerability, and naiveness that represents Sanade in several ways from his deep connection towards the music. Sanade is overwhelmed with the response he has got after the immediate release of the song.


    Sanade says “every day is a new learning” and he recommends youths to be lifetime learners like him.

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