TikTok for Business: A Quick and Ultimate Guide

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If you run a brand, you might be interested in increasing your social media presence. While in doing so, you would probably focus on the major social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter, these huge social networking platforms do not provide for a short entertainment format. While Instagram recently rolled out its new feature ‘reels’ it is modeled on another social media application that created this niche. The Chinese application ‘TikTok’ is a forum that you would not want to miss out on capitalizing on. 

With over two billion downloads, this application has proved itself as an incredibly reliable option for individuals to use, to increase their business prospects. It provides a niche for almost every brand, and you will be able to make the most of its vast audiences for your brand to increase sales and for you to market your product or service. An initial impression of TikTok may lead you to believe the platform is crafted only for those who can dance or edit videos. 

However, on a closer inspection, you will realize that this is not true, TikTok platform is used by a variety of different individuals from different fields. While buying Tik Tok followers is an option, it will not actually lead to an increase in TikTok engagement with your followers.

Here are five tips for you to strategically increase your business by using TikTok

1] Understand the medium 

In order to maximize your usage of TikTok and to create the right content for this medium, you need to be able to entirely understand what it is about. TikTok is not a forum that seeks to have the most beautifully edited, perfect videos, that are cinematic masterpieces. 

YouTube as a platform is more driven to have aesthetically edited videos that would require time and skill to create. Instagram too, is a platform that requires effortful editing to make pictures look visually and aesthetically appealing. However, Tiktok is not a platform that requires this effort, it is a platform that is frequented by those belonging to Gen Z, in fact over 60 percent of the users are those in that age demographic. 

As a platform, it has established itself as one that requires a more personal touch, that can be easily relatable for thousands of users to identify themselves with. Hence, going for a personal business approach would be the most recommended, in order to gain the most followers. Thus, videos that are shot on a handheld camera with the voices of individuals who are part of your team would be a great way to approach this.

2] Make use of Challenges 

TikTok challenges are known to pick up on a daily basis and create trends that are followed by millions of people. By creating a challenge that is engaging, and is interesting, it may go viral and help you increase your business on this platform. 

By collaborating with influencers who already have established their domain on this platform, you will be able to reach out to more potential consumers and have them exposed to your company profile. 

Another way to approach this would be to sponsor a specific challenge. In doing so, you will contribute to the creator community and thus creators will be interested to engage with your brand and your page.

3] Pick an area of content that is unique

Tiktok allows you to explore various avenues of topics, and create content that is very specific to that. You should pick your niche, where you best believe you will be able to excel. 

Talk about specific problems that your company faces, and try and make it funny. Comedy is a great way to engage with viewers and explore your niche and expertise. It will be much more interesting to a viewer than generic content.

4] Follow trends

While it may not initially seem like a very business-like thing to follow a TikTok trend, considering most of them are related to dancing, incorporating this on your page, and giving it your own unique twist is something that you should capitalize on. 

By adding in a reference about what your work is, or getting your employees to participate, or just using your brand name or products involved in this trend will help promote your brand name and product or service and help you increase your business, using TikTok.

5] Be regular 

Create a marketing plan beforehand, and plan to post on a regular basis. Any social media site requires this, and TikTok videos are easily created, and edited, as TikTok provides inbuilt tools for you to use to do this. 

The app in itself is the entire process, and you are able to shoot, edit, and post the videos on TikTok. By posting regularly, your customers on the social networking application know that you are interested in presenting your brand to them, ergo that you care about them.

By following these tips, you will be able to make the best use of the platform that Tiktok provides for your customers, and you will be able to gain followers and consumers who will purchase your product or service. Your audience will also know that you really care about them, as Tiktok is a platform that is out of the ordinary for brands to use. 

Thus, just by using it, you have made a message to your consumers clear, that you care deeply enough about them to follow them to this platform which showcases a more personal side of your brand.

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