5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Marketing

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Marketing took a new leap amid Coronavirus in 2020. With new platforms coming into the picture and old platforms making changes in themselves and increasing reach on Instagram. Consumers have welcomed the growing social media world, wholeheartedly. One can witness it in their behaviors. Talking of social media, Instagram grew tremendously during the lockdown. One of the newest features to be added to the social media platform was Instagram Reels; a short-form video in-platform. 

One can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with custom audio, effects, and tools like filters, using Instagram reels. Not just the users but the organizations across the globe have also well-embraced Instagram reels. Whilst some call it an adaptation of Tiktok, another short-video platform, many people have been witnessed to be re-posting TikTok content on Reels. 

Reels was only released in August 2020 after the Indian government banned TikTok. Due to its novelty, there is not much information available on how Reels can be used by the brands to market their products or services. So, we present you 5 ways which the brands can incorporate in their marketing strategy to create new, creative content and more engagement on Instagram.

Re-Use TikTok Videos on IG Reels 

An understanding of IG Reels comes from its correlation with TikTok content. One might see millions of TikTok videos resurfacing on reels, it is obvious that the content creators are making the most of Reels by saving their time with reusing those videos. The fact that TikTok has been playing a huge role in developing a certain perspective of the audience towards social media, has created a mirroring effect between the two platforms. So, as a part of their Instagram marketing strategy, the brands can step ahead and reuse their TikTok content on Reels to attract more eyeballs with motion content and increase reach on Instagram. 

The silver lining could be that if the brand is updated with what worked and what didn’t work TikTok, a similar perspective in the marketing strategy could be applied to IG Reels too. This will mean that you’re ahead of the curve. 

For example, Louis Vuitton had no TikTok account but it has leveraged TikTok trends and features and used them all on their IG Reels content. The brand’s IG Reels videos make direct use of TikTok’s popular transition trend to show different outfits, just like TikTok users did. 

Try to Divert from Traditional Marketing 

We all know that motion content registers in the min better than static content. But, but, but…. A brand that wishes to use IG reels for its product promotion, should remember not to be making a product-centered ad which is a part of traditional marketing. Rather, use Reels’ features wisely to give its audience, a lot more beyond the product. This can be done by jumping onto trends and creating content that employs more Reels effects along with the authentic and super-creative content rather than the product itself. 

A great way to waive this is by creating content in the field of your niche and sharing that with your audience. 

Owning a niche during TikTok was also the game changer for thousands of creators who blew up within mere months. So, IG Reel Trends is good to go, too. 

Generate Educational Content

Instagram uses the same algorithm for doing regular feed posts and stories as well as the ranking and showing top Reels. Reels is no exception when it comes to creating and uploading authentic and creative content that nowhere lacks entertainment and information to get maximum exposure and get more engagement on Instagram. 

Educating your audience with something that they can take away you’re your channel is a sign of a responsible marketing strategy for a brand. It means that the brand is not blindly using the features of a social media platform to raise the sales of their products, but is also considering the customer-benefit, societal-benefit, and ethics of marketing while not compromising on the entertainment factor of their content. 

For example, lately, many brands have created informative content about the impact of COVID-19 on their specific industries. This has not just helped them gain followers but has turned their respective brand images more valuable.

Be Transparent with Your Audience

IG Reels are perfect content, which goes a long way to cultivate your brand and tell your brand story. Be realistic about Reels’ impact on your social marketing strategy to gain more engagement on Instagram.

IG Reels is popular for its straightforward creation tools. More importantly, what is for the brands to remember is that reels don’t support paid content as of yet and the users can chuck out irrelevant branded content. It helps the audience engage with your brand on a personal level and gain their trust.

Be Consistent with Your Content

A brand can draw out an effective marketing strategy on IG Reels. They could recreate video content to stitch a 15-second clip together. They could also use this to their advantage by improving their content creation game, so by the time your reels go live, you have everything planned.

Like any marketing strategy, upholding the impetus of any brand depends on a steady stream of diverse content. Of course, any brand’s content should be identifiable and relevant to your brand. 

Final Words

Users love a creative perspective in content, and IG Reels can enable a brand a wider space to try new ideas and more time to develop content strategies, to test their effectiveness and increase reach on Instagram

The endless scrolling navigation can keep the users engaged, making it easy for users to watch the content they are interested in. 


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