The Biggest Sporting Events that Make the Fans go Crazy

5 Memorable FIFA World Cup Moments

There is quite simply no game more beautiful. Football has captured the hearts and minds of generation after generation and continues to be a British institution. Weekends spent on the terraces, fingers numb from the cold and nothing more than an overpriced and soggy pie for comfort are part and parcel of growing up on our small island. This premier league season has seen plenty of goals so if you are betting, check out this week’s btts bets. But whilst we might spend the Premier League season locked in bitter bantering and betting rivalry with our nearest and dearest, there are some footballing events that bring fans together as they enjoy the highs and lows of the biggest and brightest sporting events that the sport has to offer.

The World Cup

Without doubt the biggest competition in the world of football, the FIFA World Cup sends the entire nation into a spin as everyone prepares for ‘the year’, ‘the time’ and ‘the team’. What we often lack in skill and luck we more than make up for in enthusiasm and support. It is also an event loved by bettors as there is always the underdog to support, the exciting incidents to predict and the winner of the Golden Boot to lay a stake on. As people deck their cars and houses with flags of support and organise parties to celebrate each victory, the nation becomes gripped by hope and possibility because maybe, just maybe, this year is the year!

FA Cup

Competitions don’t come more prestigious than the FA Cup. It’s the one we all dream of playing in, the one that all players dream of winning and the competition that allows all clubs to participate in a competition that is filled with the romance of the beautiful game. Bettors can find themselves betting on teams they’ve never heard of, backing an underdog against a giant and hoping for an upset. Speak to Premier League players past and present and they will tell you that it is the cup every professional wants to raise above their heads in front of their fans. The final is a date in the calendar that all sports fans and bettors keep clear. If you’re lucky, it could be the team you support who you are betting on, but even if your team failed to last the course, there are always fun in play bets to be made regardless of the two teams battling it out. In this ‘winner takes all’ fight to the death you can even get the added bonus of extra time and penalty shoot out bets.

The League Cup

Part of English football’s ‘Holy Trinity’, the League Cup is sometimes the competition that the smaller teams in the league see themselves as having a shot at, and it is always worth tracking their performance in the competition when looking to make bets. Fans and bettors alike go crazy for this competition because it is one where there can be a whole host of unlikely events and outcomes.


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