“There is no one way to achieve success”, says Entrepreneur Nes Velazquez

“There is no one way to achieve success”, says Entrepreneur Nes Velazquez

There are a lot of people trying to find one surefire way to success.  The reality is that there is no one way to attain success. That is exactly what entrepreneur Nes Velazquez wants to put across. He shares how one can become successful without having to cling to one particular way. Let’s delve.

No traditional background needed for success

Nes himself does not belong to any traditional business or entrepreneurial background. Many people’s idea of being successful is – first, enter college, then get a business degree, work somewhere, work hard to rise through the ranks in the company. The reality, Nes shares, is that there is no one way to accomplishment in life. There are innumerable ways one can get involved in some business and become successful. He shares, “I didn’t have any business know-how. But that didn’t stop me from learning everything I could about the field. Then, whatever I learnt I started to apply it to the Foreign Exchange Market.” Doing this, Nes has attained success through a revolutionary trading technique known as binary options trading. With this technique, Nes made waves through the industry and achieved gigantic success.

To be successful also means retaining the ‘conditions’ to be able to continue the flow of prosperity. That’s why Nes has made sure he saves up enough money for further investments. This, Nes asserts, helps him to create and fortify his financial freedom and success against all odds.

Hard work always works

Nes stresses that while there is no one way to achieve success there is certainly one ‘quality’ that determines whether one will be successful or not. It is ‘hard work’. Nes asserts that it doesn’t matter what the situation is, one can succeed if she is willing to go all out to make success happen.  In his context, Nes advises aspiring entrepreneurs to work on their extent of financial literacy. It refers to not letting finances become an enslaving process. People should not be at the mercy of their finances. He shares, “I see a lot of people buried under a colossal pile of debt, struggling to find a way to escape. I spend the better part of my time educating them on how they can deal with their own finances successfully.”

On a concluding note, Nes points out that to be truly successful – one needs to first break free from debt just like he did. Rest, as they say, ‘success will happen’.

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