Randi Banks: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming an Instagram star

Randi Banks: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming an Instagram star

Born in a small town Just outside Houston, TX, Randi Banks was always different. Growing up in a conservative area, she wanted more than marriage, family, and country music. After getting a bachelor’s degree in biology, she set out on her own path.

Randi met her desire to explore the world and see what it has to offer by working as a flight attendant. She has fulfilled her passion of helping children and animals by volunteering at shelters and hospitals. Randi even worked as a vet tech and on an anti-bullying campaign to further fuel this deep desire to help others.

Randi also takes great care of herself by working out every day and following a vegetarian lifestyle.  Her culinary obsessions:  buffalo sauce and cupcakes. She has been a dancer since the tender age of 7, is a former skater and surfer, writes poetry, plays acoustic guitar, and is an avid Pokemon Go Player. With total honesty, this Sagittarius admits that she can’t sing and isn’t a great cook.

Another cause that drives Randi is the empowerment of women, to show them they can be whoever they please by working to achieve their goals. Her stint as a Monster Energy girl was the epitome of this wish. If you aren’t familiar with the Monster brand, think a wide selection of energy drinks that have given way to high performance athletes competing in extreme sports.  Monster Energy even has its own motorsports division and it a coveted athletic sponsor.

As for the Monster Energy girls, think fun, flirty, glamourous beauties who serve as ambassadors for this powerhouse brand. They are hallmarks at sporting events and are frequently seen promoting Monster Energy at multiple venues. By working as a Monster girl, and even appearing in a few music videos, Randi embraced female empowerment through very exciting and fun-filled channels. It is safe to say that she found her place here, far away from her small, conservative hometown.

A self-proclaimed “clumsy girl with no money, a crazy family, who was once depressed and insecure” certainly achieved her goal of seeing what the world has to offer. From being a part of a gorgeous glam squad to becoming an Instagram star, Randi Banks has proven herself a force of nature and the definition of “girl power”.

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