“Dedication Is the Stepping Stone for Success,” says Guinness World Record Holder Gentjan Cekeli

Guinness World Record Holder Gentjan Cekeli

Dedication is an umbrella term or stepping stone as it encompasses what Guinness World Record holder Gentjan Cekeli calls the 4 D’s: determination, discipline, diversity, and direction.

Gentjan is the founder of JOQ Albania Media (https://joqalbania.com). On June 13, 2012, he made the Guinness World Record for the most comments on a single Facebook entry for his post on March 4 of that year, which received a whopping 1,008,924 responses.

As with most entrepreneurs, Gentjan’s success did not happen overnight but required long hours and hard work. He credits dedication as the basis of his success and has some great tips to offer.

When these elements are combined, it means a business owner is wholly committed to their company. Running a news site takes a great deal of dedication, not to mention energy and perseverance to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. After all, a news site must be consistently updated to be relevant.

Gentjan believes that dedication falls directly in line with setting and achieving goals in your business. A key concept to remember is the bigger the goal, the more time you need to give yourself to achieve it. This falls under determination and even discipline.

When it comes to diversity, Gentjan says, think of this as the diversity of tasks. In a business, tasks should be routine, and the important ones must receive the greatest focus. Crises are more important than prevention, and while interruptions can occur, they require more attention than trivial tasks, he adds. If you are going to dedicate yourself to being successful, you need to dedicate time to the essential parts of this goal.

To revisit discipline, Gentjan recommends making sure you can put forth enough self-discipline to work on your weaknesses and faults. While no one is perfect, having discipline means improving yourself, therefore, improving your business. As for direction, chart a path into the future and take the necessary actions to stay on that path. It is going to take dedication to stay on course and discipline to take appropriate action when you find yourself wavering from your path.

Gentjan embodies the importance of being dedicated to your business as he runs not only a popular news site but actively uses social media to promote and complement JOQ. After all, you aren’t going to get over a million responses on a Facebook post unless you have put in some serious time building your network, he concludes.

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