Afzal Anis the founder of Fametick Media, delivering exceptional PR solutions digitally.


If you want to expand your brand, increase sales, grow your business fast, then you have to invest money in marketing to make it happen. You have to invest money in public relations to make your business visible to the online world.

Afzal Anis is a Media consultant who founded Fametick Media  with great compassion. His goal is to provide A+ service to his clients. He is an experienced Digital Marketer, and he is in this field since his teenage years. Unlike other students, Afzal Anis did opt for traditional education and moved to Public Relations.

Afzal Anis is one of the youngest digital entrepreneur of India, and currently leading in the field of Public Relations. Afzal Anis made Fametick Media a successful Public Relations agency at a very young age.

Fametick Media hires high skilled PR expert who critically analyse your business problems, and plans out master strategies for you so that you get every penny back from your investment along with your business profit.

Fametick Media has come up with their mastermind strategies with years of experience in the world of Public Relations to help you to make your product/brand, or yourself more visible in front of your expected audience. It helps you to grow through the advertising strategies of professional copywriting, content writing, web designing, web developments, PR management, etc. You get the benefits from the involvement of high skilled marketers behind this agency. Fametick Media ensures your success by giving you good quality of work.

Why you should choose online PR?

Because, your potential customers have moved online, and spending on an average 6-8 hours daily online. They are actively searching for products and services online. People do not wait to reach their tourism spot to book a hotel or resort, they do it online. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Netflix, Hotstar changed the thinking process of the consumers.

When more than 90% of your potential customers are buying things online, then you should not rely on traditional Marketing.

94% of the businesses are getting a broad platform to showcase their products due to higher ranking SEO, leads generators, better copywriting, content writing, all of which come under the bigger platform named ORM consultation.

Why PR is better than traditional marketing?

• Your brand/business gets better exposure in the online world.

• PR is not expensive, and it is affordable for everyone.

• Targeted marketing by sorting based on age, gender, location, and interest. Traditional marketing does not allow choosing your audience.

• Real-time metrics such as engagement, traffic, leads, time spent or website or blog are measurable in Digital Marketing.

• Immediate communication is possible through a Call to action.

• Return on Investment is measurable in PR.

• Easier to deal global population through the boon of PR.

• You can pause, tweak, or stop your campaign anytime anywhere, that option is not available in the case of Traditional Marketing.

How to find the PR agency?

Not all PR companies are the same. PR agencies can make you or break you. Your online presence with your customers will be decided by these agencies. The top qualities of a PR agency that you must note down before hiring one are:

• Good communication

• Flexibility, so that the company can adapt to the ever-changing marketing world.

• Creativity

• Updated analytical tools

• Analytical approach while solving your problems

• Case studies and testimonials as measurable results of their journey

• Transparent billing process

Want to know about a reliable PR company?

VOILA! You are on the right page.

Fametick Media is the best PR Agency in India. They help you to earn an impressive ROI. The presence of adroit copywriters, content writers, content creators, web developers, web designers is the essential characteristics of a successful PR agency that are already present in Fametick.

Services you can get from Fametick Media:

• Public Relations Management

• ORM (Online Reputation Management)

• Social Media Consultation

• Corporate Press Release

• News Publication Features

Benefits you will get from Fametick Media:

• Powerful online news coverage

• Engaging content

• Ad campaigns with an impressive return on Investment

• Uncover new audiences (customers, investors)

• Great analysis of Marketing

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