How One Millennial’s Dropshipping Business Earned Seven Figures During the Height of the UK Lockdown

Bailey Knight
How One Millennial’s Dropshipping Business Earned Seven Figures During the Height of the UK Lockdown

Bailey Knight is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who made it big in 2020, thanks to his thriving dropshipping business. With physical stores closed across the UK due to shutdown mandates, millions of people have turned to shopping online instead. That has meant a significant uptick in customers for people like Bailey, who has generated a massive seven figures in revenue since lockdowns began.

The road to get to where he is today began when Bailey was just 16 years old. Back then, he worked at Frankie and Benny’s, and did so for five years. Then, at 21, he started working for Integral UK, which is where he worked until he was 23 years old.

Things changed when he met a man named Jay, who was already someone working online and having decent success. Getting inspired by seeing this, Bailey knew right away that this is exactly what he wanted to do. Bailey ended up becoming good friends with Jay, which accelerated his shift away from working for someone else to working for himself. This helped him pursue his own exploration of the big, wide world of dropshipping.

After quitting his full-time job, Bailey ended up creating his own brands. Now, he knew this was a risk, but it was one he was willing to take. Bailey is a big believer in the idea that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. The risks that Bailey took are the reason he has made over £1M+ in revenue since lockdown started in the UK.

Lockdown has actually been phenomenally good for Bailey and other dropshippers like him. Part of the reason is that it has taken a unique approach to the market when it comes to branding and marketing. The innovative strategies and tactics he has employed have put him above his competitors, allowing him to enjoy immense success.

It definitely wasn’t a smooth ride becoming a successful dropshipping business. To get started, Bailey had to work on it in his spare time while he was still working his day job with Integral UK. When he was on his breaks at work, he would focus on building his business while others were relaxing. This commitment and dedication to creating a thriving business helped cement the success he enjoys today.

Working a 9-5 job while trying to run an online business means plenty of long, sleepless nights and weekends to make sure the business would become successful. This sort of persistence is not something everyone can muster up, which is a big reason why people like Bailey are a rare breed. Still, the success he has seen is a testament that it is definitely possible when you have the right mindset and are motivated to achieve financial freedom.

If you want to become inspired by this successful entrepreneur, then you can follow Bailey on his Instagram page and keep up with the latest from him.

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