How James Parry Created a 7-Figure Dropshipping Business During Lockdown

How James Parry Created a 7-Figure Dropshipping Business During Lockdown
How James Parry Created a 7-Figure Dropshipping Business During Lockdown

James Parry isn’t your average 20-something. He has become the owner of a few highly-successful dropshipping stores that have pulled in an eye-popping seven figures since lockdown started. His rise to success can serve as an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to unlock financial freedom.

It all started with Jay being dissatisfied with the way things were going in his life. For the life of him, he couldn’t hold onto a job for more than a few months. Between the ages of 16 and 23, he already had over 20 jobs. Not knowing what to pursue, he also dropped out of college. Nothing was providing him with the freedom and money he saw himself having.

The path of the entrepreneur is what he decided to embark on. His first choice was selling inventory he physically had for a gym wear brand. That didn’t last too long, and he quickly moved into social media marketing. This was more his speed and fit. There was no physical inventory needed, which lowered the costs of doing business. It was also a more service-based business that provided him the freedom to be location-independent if he wanted to.

Jay did SMM for a while, helping other entrepreneurs grow their Instagram pages and expand their reach. This was around the time he stumbled upon dropshipping. It seemed like the perfect fit for him. He took everything he learned from his previous brand and time as a social media marketer and put it all into action.

Jay saw more opportunities than just running a dropshipping business. While growing his stores and further developing his skills, he began building dropshipping stores for other people wanting to get into it. Jay was also mentoring as a bit of a side passion project he had. To date, he has easily helped over 100 people create online income for themselves and unlocking their own financial freedom.

There are a few notable success stories who have been making six figures a year now. His best friend, Bailey Knight, has raked in a massive seven figures since lockdown began. It sure seems like Jay has found his Zone of Genius and has capitalized on it.

Today, Jay manages a few different dropshipping stores, earning him an extraordinary seven figures in profit ever since lockdown began in the UK. The main reason for this success is due to his skills in social media marketing, which he applied to his dropshipping endeavors. That is why nearly all of the traffic to his stores comes from Instagram.

As successful as Jay has been, he has his sights set on even bigger things. Given how young he still is, we will probably be hearing a lot more about him in the coming months and years.

To keep up with the latest from Jay, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page @Jaye.

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