Orel Shitrit talks about entrepreneurship in the post Covid era

Orel Shitrit
Orel Shitrit talks about entrepreneurship in the post covid era

This year has been unusually cruel to us in many ways starting with the pandemic. The economy has taken a severe beating, and the world is now seeing a stagnation unheard and unseen in living memory. With business struggling, supply has suffered, and lack of employment has also affected demand. While it is difficult to ask help from anyone when all are suffering, it is comforting to know about people who are willing to step up and do the right thing. Orel Shitrit, social media influence, entrepreneur, and former MMA fighter, is reaching out during the pandemic and lending a hand to small businesses in this challenging time.

“Major businesses may have survived at the cost of their employees, but local businesses have been drastically affected, and most are in the process of shutting down. In fact, several businesses have already shut shop. So, I decided to find a way to help them,” says Shitrit. He founded Noble Media & Partners, a social media agency through which he helps fellow entrepreneurs as much as he can. “Our business is helping other businesses to thrive. But it becomes a problem when other businesses can’t survive on their own, so we came up with the idea to offer our services for free,” adds Shitrit. And that is exactly what they did. His guidance and time were offered to numerous businesses without any compensation, and the plan worked. Many businesses have bounced back from the pandemic piggybacking on the strong online presence that Shitrit has on social media.

It helps that Shitrit has a reputation for being a social media marketing genius, having leveraged his former success as an MMA fighter to start his own business, learning the ropes while also building his web following. Noble Media & Partners has grown to represent numerous high-profile clients under his leadership and manages several major social media accounts. The firm also handles public relations, ad marketing, and management, as well as e-commerce. So, during the pandemic, Shitrit provided several services for free and offered consultation services for several business ideas and opportunities personally.

There is no doubt that Orel Shitrit has a lot to offer clients. As an entrepreneur and social media genius, his work this year has been inspirational and deserves all the recognition it has received.

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