Sarah Sunday is Launching her New Single “Mental Zoo”

Sarah Sunday, a multitalented girl and has a talent for music and fashion

Sarah Sunday was born and raised in NJ. She became interested in the music industry at a very young age. Her father is a musician. So, from her father’s passion, she gains a passion for herself. She is a multitalented girl and has a talent for music and fashion.

She stepped forward in the music industry just because of her manager DJ Mbj. He saw her walking around his house and inspired by her looks and talented personality. He offers her that if she likes to sing a song, she can work with him in his studio. She accepts his offer and starts working with him. After some time, he becomes her manager, producer, and creator. The chemistry between both of them is so perfect and they manage themselves in a partnership on the same wavelength with the same goal. He is writing the Poppy catchy songs reflecting the divergent past of both personalities.

Sarah inspired by Multiple Personalities:

Sarah is firstly inspired by her father and after that, she is inspired by multiple personalities like Blink 182, Morrissey, Avril Lavigne, and The Smith. These personalities inspired her the most. the multiple tracks she formed and working on them just because of DJ Mbj and these personalities.

All the things which are happening in the world are just because of these pandemic conditions. The quarantine is also making people mad because they are staying at home for a such a long time.

Recent Projects:

Sarah is working on many tracks and also formed new tracks but just because of the quarantine pandemic conditions, she can’t record these tracks in Mbj studio. She had just released her new song “Mental Zoo.”

In her latest song, she is explaining the conditions of the world’s feelings of a human when they are staying home alone. All the new tracks give incredible charms to the people and she is also influencing the audience with her beats and catchy tracks. Sarah is also an inspiring youth by her modern twist in fashion.

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