Cosmetic Tourism: 5 Things You Must Get Right


Plastic surgery is all the rage these days. And with good reason. Smiling, smoking, sunshine, parenting, tough careers, frowning, poor eating habits, genetics, and free radicals will ultimately show up on your face and body at some point. But people are quickly realizing that they do not have to contend with less than desirable looks.

Cosmetic surgery has revolutionized the beauty industry with faster, better-targeted results. There’s just one problem, though; the cost implication.

The Case for Cosmetic Tourism

With better access to information, people can quickly have cosmetic procedures abroad at a fraction of what is being charged at home. However, costs aside, you must do your diligence before setting off on that beauty trip. Here, read about the key things you must get right.

1. Research the Hospital and Its Accreditation

Every country has its own accreditation system. Understanding what this is will be the first step to understanding how different hospitals are ranked and accredited.

Once you find an accredited one, you can then begin your scrutiny. Things like their success rates, pre-surgery procedures, billing, post-operative services, and so on are important. At times, dealing with large, well-known hospitals is better than going to solo practices.

2. Look Into the Doctor

If you opt to go to a solo practice, you must look into the individual doctor. Again you want to understand their billing, accreditation, years of experience, whether they are board-certified, licensure issues, lawsuits, and so on.

If you can find online reviews, these will be great for helping you gauge how satisfied previous customers were with the doctor. Be sure to steer clear of plastic surgeons with bad reviews.

3. Understand the Aftercare Needs

Some procedures are simple enough to allow you to be back to your normal life a day or two later. Some are more involving. To properly plan for the cosmetic trip, you need to understand what your procedure will entail, how you feel, and what the aftercare regimen looks like. This will help you make arrangements for several other important things.

These include how long you need to stay in the country and your budget for the entire trip. It is also important to understand that you will be confined to bed for a while. This means that you will definitely need to bring someone to mind you until you can be back on your feet. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign country without upkeep money or alone and unable to do anything for yourself.

4. Carry Medical Records

Most cosmetic procedures are generally considered to be safe. But there are no guarantees. Your doctor should be aware if you are on any medication and any underlying health conditions you might have.

For this reason, be sure to pack copies of your medical history. This includes lab results, prescribed medication, OTC drugs you are on, lab work, x-ray reports, and so on. If you have consistently seen the same physician, bring their contact information along as well.

5. Book a Hotel Room in Advance

If you have one or more involving surgeries, you will remain at the facility for a few days before discharge. However, you will need to transition to a hotel before flying back home. Ensure to make plans for your accommodation and your travel partner as well. Similarly, mention that you will be coming from surgery and ask about accessibility of different facilities in their rooms.

Final Thought

You might naturally experience some anxiety as you jet off. This is expected. But having all you need with you will be reassuring because you will be able to handle any inconveniences. This list aside, optimism and a good old sense of humor will go a long way.

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