How Young Millennial Marketers Are Conquering Instagram

Young Millennial Marketers Are Conquering Instagram

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to marketers worldwide to reach a wide range of audiences that, let’s face it, are incredibly difficult to achieve without these platforms’ help.

Naturally, many marketers take advantage of the uniqueness of the platform and the opportunities it provides. And conversely, some shy away from it, seeing it as a sort of mountain that is impossible to climb.

Below we take a look at some of the reasons you should emulate the people doing the former and not the latter.

Instagram – A Unique Opportunity

With more than a billion users registered on the platform and 500 million always active every single day, it is safe to say that there is something special about the Instagram platform. At the very first glance, it isn’t hard at all to see why this is so.

Instagram is one of the very first platforms that captured the power of physical appeal to our human taste and attention. We love to see beautiful things, especially imagery. And Instagram, it is safe to say, has wholly captured this essence.

The statistics that back this up are staggering, but what’s even more important to you as an entrepreneur is the number of millennial users who have found, and continue to find, immense success on the platform.

From million-dollar fashion stores to artists, musicians, and even writers, there are more than enough success in numerous niches on the platform to inspire more young people further to tap into the potential that this unique platform has to offer.

Growth on Instagram

Growth on Instagram can be challenging – for those who don’t know what they’re doing. However, for savvy users, it can be relatively easy—definitely more comfortable than many other platforms.

To start on their Instagram journey, savvy users make use of outreaches, like, and view actions, follow actions, attractive profiles, and so on. Some even buy real followers on Instagram.

All of these are starting points from which you can then begin to build your accounts. Instagram values accounts that have enough followers to start with. So when you get to this base number of followers, it becomes easier to grow even further.

A Pleasant Future

Many people have predicted the death of Instagram, which is natural for a platform that is so loved and so loathed at the same time. The constant thing is that despite these false prophecies in the past, the platform continues to grow and thrive, thanks to new exciting features and continuous innovations.

And by the look of things – again despite the false prophecies – it seems the future is looking good for the platform. And it sort of goes without saying that this is, in fact, an excellent thing for you and budding entrepreneurs from all over the world.


A significant number of savvy US marketers spend their influencer budget on Instagram. The Instagram explore page is viewed by 200 million accounts daily, and more than 50 billion photos have been uploaded on the Instagram platform since its inception.

These are all great, interesting facts, but most importantly, they are facts that you can take advantage of and use to propel yourself as a young entrepreneur

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