Ekalavya Hansaj Shares Top 6 Post-COVID-19 Strategies to 10X Your Advertising Business’ Revenue

Ekalavya Hansaj

Learn from Quarterly Global founder and Multi-millionaire, Ekalavya Hansaj, who continued to earn 9-figure revenues in his global advertising business during and post-COVID-19 lockdown

When the world shut down around March this year, I watched in shock as 95% brick-and-mortar businesses shut their doors. For a moment, I panicked like so many of us, and wondered: “What now! Where will this leave my marketing and advertising powerhouse, Quarterly Global, in 2020?”

Luckily, the panic didn’t last long. As a multi-millionaire entrepreneur with close to 10-years’ experience in advertising and marketing, I knew this was one of those times in history where we as entrepreneurs had to knuckle down and show what we are made of. Not only for our own sakes, but for all of our employees and families who depended on us.

As such, I analysed the new situation in the world, and rapidly implemented several updated techniques and strategies to ensure Quarterly Global continued to rake in those 9-figure revenues.

If you are a young entrepreneur who is close to either losing your advertising business, or you are unsure how to grow your revenue during the COVID-19 situation in the world, I hope that these 6 strategies I’ll share can be of help to you today.

Let’s dive in:

#6 – Your Mind Matters

Before anything else in your advertising business, you are a leader that everyone else will look up to. As entrepreneurs, it is our job to create and then hold steadfast to our vision for our company. Then, we have to ensure your employees and managers focus on executing said vision.

It is of paramount importance that you ensure your mind is focused on your advertising business, and understand that negative thoughts will have negative effects. A positive mindset followed by positive action is needed during this time.

#5 – Look at the Numbers & Be Completely Honest

The numbers don’t lie. Be completely honest with yourself if your advertising business is failing. Have your accountant bring all financials up to date, and have a hard look at your numbers. If sales have been sparse, you need to take stock of such and come up with lucrative solutions and ideas to turn things around. If there are things that you can save money on, do so right now.

#4 – Get Your Website in Order

I’ve seen so many advertising businesses who help their clients create beautiful UX friendly websites, but their own website is a disaster.

Now that most of the world is online and working from home, most everyone is shifting to use their PCs rather than mobile phones. As such, your website will be the first point of reverence your clients will revert to. If your website is a disaster, fix it ASAP. There are many affordable options on the market such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

#3 – Outsource & Employ Top-Level Creatives

I’ve found that remote workers are some of the best alternatives to full-time employees as most of them are passionate and dedicated to what they do. Who you employ can either make or break your business.

Find top-level creatives such as freelancers to help you in your advertising business. You can hire in any role that you need, such as a digital marketing manager, virtual assistant, content writer, and graphic- and website designer.

#2 – Use A/B Testing & Pattern-Interrupt Techniques for All Adverts

Pattern-interrupt techniques (otherwise known as scroll-stopping strategies) are more important now than ever. We adapted NLP even before the pandemic hit, but during the lockdown upped our efforts and used pattern-interrupt to ensure our ads gets more eyeballs on all the major sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. As such, we managed to get millions of views for each client’s video, and more than 10X our revenue since then.

Visual advertising is exceptionally important, and at an all-time high right now. Continue to use A/B testing and swop out thumbnails to keep your visual advert content fresh and relevant.

#1 – Implement AI & Automate Redundant Tasks

Within the advertising business, marketers spend way too much time on redundant, administrative tasks. Streamline your business processes, and cut down on unnecessary redundant tasks by fully automating them if they are important, or getting rid of them if they serve no purpose.

I was there once too. On the brink of despair and my hopes in ashes as I sat in my apartment in India  in 2010. I was unable to pay the rent and my tummy growling from the lack of food for days on end. I had only a computer to make things happen, and a desire to succeed and get out of poverty.

So, I worked and worked and worked until Quarterly Global made me a multi-millionaire by 32. Wherever you are right now, do not give up. Keep on moving forward and start implementing the above 6 strategies. Most often, it only takes one good idea or strategy to turn things around. So, never ever give up!



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