How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Employee Training

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can be found everywhere today – be it the very popular Alexa from Amazon or the self-driving cars being manufactured in the recent years. The learning & development industry too, has jumped ahead to make full use of AI powered tools for providing an immersive learning experience.

Today, a lot of industries are opting for AI for employee recruitment, onboarding and engagement to ensure employees learn relevant skills in the best possible way. With multiple eLearning solution providers being available, companies now have access to opportunities for providing personalized training by incorporating Artificial Intelligence.

Without further ado, let’s look at how AI is revolutionizing employee training and making it more impactful:


  • AI personalizes the learning experience:


No single learning approach is multipurpose. When employees are forced to go through generic training sessions with rigid schedules, they end up getting disengaged as the content doesn’t appeal to them and is not targeted to their specific learning goals.

With the help of AI infused training sessions, there is greater personalization of learning modules which keeps learners engaged. Since an AI training is adaptive, the training content can be modified and adjusted to benefit each employee’s individual needs. This provides a wider understanding of the content the employees are subjected to.


  • AI makes training more effective:


An AI-based training system can share feedback and suggestions specific to an employee’s individual learning needs. This enhances the learning experience and makes the training more effective as well as productive.

An organization can tailor its content based on the understanding of its employee learning behavior from AI analytics which ultimately improves the overall learning experience for its employees. In fact, the use of AI in employee training helps eliminate human bias which ensures that the learning is impactful.


  • AI caters to different learning styles:


Every organization has employees who prefer different styles of learning and it is impossible to target all with the same learning strategy. Millennials who prefer quick on-the-go learning on their mobile devices cannot be expected to excel based on an in-person classroom learning session that goes on for hours at a stretch.

With AI, companies can cater to all kinds of learners and be assured that they will benefit from the training. It provides employees the liberty to learn at their own pace regardless of their learning style. In fact, they can opt for training whenever they want without it impacting their work productivity. 


  • AI enhances the rate of information retention:


An AI infused training does not need an instructor. It has a chatbot which assists employees in real-time, solves their queries and keeps them updated about their training progress. Since AI replaces the instructor, it provides specific learning suggestions for each employee and saves the cost of hiring an instructor.

This provides employees a lot of convenience and improves the learning experience magnificently. When employees get trained with highly targeted and relevant material, it increases the rate of information retention and callback. 


  • AI ensures higher training completion rate:


Companies often struggle to get employees to go through training and even after they do it, employees may not necessarily remember everything. AI powered learning solutions make training material more crisp and focused. This ensures employees actively participate in learning.

With AI, the training content becomes more pertinent and is presented as per the employees preference (for instance, animated graphics). This keeps employees interested and engaged which increases the course completion rates significantly and ensures better results for the company in the long run.


In a nutshell, the contribution of AI in employee development training is invaluable. It helps in upskilling and retaining employees as well as assists in tracking their learning progress.


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