Ankit Yadav: Meet The Multi-Talented Writer, Journalist And Actor

Ankit Yadav

The ones bringing others to the headlines sometimes themselves fall under the limelight.

We are talking about Delhi’s one such journalist who is on the headlines himself these days. Interesting is the fact that the journalist is not in news because of his reporting rather about his recent stint at acting. Journalist Ankit Yadav is in news regarding his role in a new web series recently released.

Working with one of India’s most reputed media house The India Today Group, Journalist Ankit Yadav is seen playing a significant role at the newly launched web series Pardarshita: Transparency which is recently released on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and MX Player.

At a media interview, Ankit says –

“This has been a completely new experience for me. Usually I take interviews of politicians, film stars and other media celebrities talking about their experiences and today, here I am, talking about my own. I must admit acting is definitely not easy”

Web series Pardarshita : Transparency is based on Indian politics and India Against Corruption Movement which is directed by Chicago based NRI Munish Raizada.

When talking about this role at the web series, Ankit says “I cannot say much about my role however if you will watch the web series you will certainly appreciate it. It is a small but effective role”.

Ankit Yadav has played the role of a journalist in this web series. When asked as to what difference he could feel between real life and the reel life, Ankit says:

“There’s a lot of difference. In real life a journalist works independently without any pressure however while performing a role there are a lot of things to be kept in mind.”

Ankit urges everyone to please watch this amazing series available on MX Player and Amazon Prime.

Just not this, besides being a full-time journalist and recently performing a role, Ankit writes also. His two books would be launched soon.

Ankit says both the books are based on journalism and it’s challenges.

In his first book, he has explained in detail that how the journalism has changed, this book proves to be extremely beneficial for the journalism students. Ankit says that “the trend that has taken place in the last few years, has not happened before in the two decades. The book further tells, how the journalism that has been in the hands of a few people has now reached in the hands of the common people. Now youth are much aware and compenting other institutions in the matter of reach and viewership through social media platforms”.

Ankit’s second book is based on journalism in the time of COVID. This book tells, during pandemic when the whole country was forced to stay indoor, how journalists were risking their lives and were giving instant updates to the people sitting at home on television, mobiles and newspapers.

This book tells the story of a journalist coming from a normal background, his family who were all time tensed about him, and how he practiced the religion of journalism and performed his duty at that time.

Ankit says that “both books will be available in the market in the next 3 months, he has talked to the publishers and its almost done.”

Let us tell you Ankit Yadav is a name among such journalists who has a strong hold in all the three platforms, TV, print and digital.

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