Anzhela Kalsynova: Why Do Entrepreneurs Need a Personal Brand

Anzhela Kalsynova

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs and business owners face the challenge of standing out among their competitors. The main goal, focus number 1, is to attract attention and increase the trust of the target audience – customers, buyers, consumers.

More often the founders and managers of the company start to use such a powerful promotion tool as a Personal Brand.

A personal brand is the image people get when they mention your name.

Let’s consider why it is important to create a personal brand, and why it is becoming a trend.

There are 3 reasons for this.

Building trust

People are tired of annoying ads. The options “Buy from us”, “We are the best”, “We have super quality” no longer work.

It is necessary to create trusting relationships with potential buyers, which are the target audience. Nowadays many people want to know how and who produces the goods, they want to get more information and figure out how your service is better. It is important for buyers to have information about the owner of the company – how he lives, what values ​​he has, to get to know him as a person. That is why such posts in social networks are now read and commented on so actively: “How I opened my company”, “My first failures, mistakes”. Thus, the target audience is attracted, which goes hand in hand with you, your ideas, and your values.

And such an audience becomes “your audience” for a long time, and actively recommends you. Such buyers, clients can be called advocates of your brand. All other things being equal, when there is a similar restaurant or store around the corner, your customers will buy from you, even if yours is more expensive.

Detachment from competitors; your uniqueness

Your company is unique because of you. Each of us is a separate world, with our own interests, each has acquired its own, unique experience and knowledge.

Everyone has something to share and a story to tell. Be the “face” of your company. You know better than others the whole story about your product or service, how they are useful, how they differ, what is your service. Sales get better from person to person than from company to person.

Long term relationship

Entrepreneurs often set up several types of businesses. And if you already have a personal brand, your customers or clients will follow you. They have already trusted you and will easily choose your other services and goods.

So, it is important not only to attract customers, but to ease them into the category of regular customers. And one of the best ways to retain and grow customers is with a well-known personal brand.

How to create a personal brand for an entrepreneur

Nowadays, almost every entrepreneur can develop a personal brand, create a name for himself in a specific area. For this, there are certain schemes, a system of actions. For example, getting into well-known magazines is a very real opportunity. Journalists are looking for news feeds, interesting materials and are just waiting for articles from specialists in various fields, entrepreneurs.

To develop your brand, it is important to master certain skills, such as creating content on social networks, writing articles, public speaking at conferences, forums, and specialized events. And for this, it is important to acquire the necessary skills, to get advice from marketers and other specialists and experts. This will require some financial investment, which, in fact, is an investment in your development and will bring you the desired results in the form of increasing your status, fame, popularity, recognition and financial well-being.

Your personal brand is your asset. It will work for you all your life. First you invest your time and energy to create your brand, then the brand starts working for you.

Incorporate personal brand development activities into your business plan.

If you need some help publishing materials about you, I am happy to help, says Anzhela Kalsynova, entrepreneur and storyteller.


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