Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD: From Chasing His Dreams to Becoming a Household Name Across the US

Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD: From Chasing His Dreams to Becoming a Household Name Across the US
Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD: From Chasing His Dreams to Becoming a Household Name Across the US

For most people, having a light-hearted nature is enough to bring out a smile. For others, it might require a dentist’s gentle push, tuck, and shove. Dentistry is coming into its own, especially with the evolution of technology and hi-powered instruments that allow less-invasive and less painful surgeries and maintenance. This has been made possible by dentists’ efforts all over the world who wish to allay the fears of their patients. One dentist who has been actively involved in these is Dr. Izquierdo. From chasing his dreams from a Cuban beach to becoming a household name across the US, Dr. Izquierdo has come a long way to help his patients smile.

Dr. Izquierdo was born to a family of accountants in the northern part of Cuba. He remembers spending his first 11 years in a small beach town where the ‘root’ of his love for dentistry was planted. He says, “It was my sister who was preparing to be a dentist. Although her plans didn’t work out, her involvement with the subject kindled within me a passion for becoming a dentist.”

Passion became action, and in 2010 Dr. Izquierdo graduated from Boston University’s School for Advanced Studies. After graduating, he “continued to pursue smile perfection and symmetry by attending courses in the United States, Brazil, and Europe. Recently, I also graduated from the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.” A decade of practicing and learning helped Dr. Izquierdo become the President and CEO of Moderna Dental Corporation. Talking about the Corp., he says, “It’s based out of Miami and is dedicated to owning, managing and representing dental practices across the United States.” When asked what keeps him going, he said, “My ultimate goal is to create a system of practice that integrates all aspects of dentistry, from functionality to aesthetics and harmony. This keeps me going.”

His passion for his work and the ability to use technology for the better, has made Dr. Izquierdo a household name in Miami. The Guiribitey’s Centre for smile design, founded by Dr. Izquierdo and his wife Camila (also a dentist) has created a bevy of loyal clients over the years because the center “incorporates the highest and most advanced levels of technology, including robot-assisted implant placement and a high-tech 3D imaging scanning and tomography. We have an in-house laboratory with master ceramists on-site for same-day delivery and peace of mind for our clients.” “This,” he says, “allows the patient to come in and leave with a completely different smile in a matter of hours.”

Dr. Izquierdo supports small communities in the US with quality dental care. And his plans to reach out to those who need him most are gaining ground each day. Here’s wishing the ‘good dentist’ more success along the way.

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