How Annetta Powell Founded, Built and Scaled the Infinity Properties Group into a Real-Estate Powerhouse

Real Estate Expert - Annetta Powell

The Infinity Properties Group, based in Detroit, Michigan, was founded in October 2001 by real estate investor Annetta Powell, with the aim to bridge the gap between individuals who desire to be real estate investors and homeowners by educating and guiding them on the process involved in the purchase and sale of real estate.

Powell grew up in Pontiac, Michigan, and graduated from the University of Phoenix. She worked as a Materials Coordinator for Johnson Controls before quitting to become an entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom. Passionate about real estate, she purchased her first real estate property for $18,000. After making the necessary renovations, she sold it for a profit of $24,000. Buoyed by the successful accomplishment of the sale, she officially made her foray into the world of real estate and started the Infinity Properties Group from scratch. The company offers several real estate services, specializing in renting properties to tenants, selling investment properties, performing land contracts, and helping first time home buyers purchase their first home.

Powell’s vision and goal to build the business into an acclaimed real estate brand in Michigan motivated her to work relentlessly. Since then, she has purchased, renovated, and sold more than 600 properties totaling $50 million in real estate sales. The impeccable track record of profitable success helped her scale the business into a real estate powerhouse and carved a niche for herself in the competitive market. Today, the Infinity Properties Group has become a formidable brand to reckon with within the real estate industry.

Speaking about the company, she says with great pride, “When clients choose us, they do so with the confidence that they are selecting a partner that is dedicated to meeting their needs and providing exceptional customized service. A client’s satisfaction is our topmost priority.” Her team provides personal assistance, support, and guidance at every step and has set an exemplary standard of curated service within the industry.

Backed by decades of experience that has driven her company to great heights, Powell, who is hailed as one of the foremost real estate investors, decided to share her expertise with aspiring real estate investors. Today, she conducts various training seminars and has also authored the book “Finding, Fixing & Flipping properties”, wherein she shares her deep insight and knowledge of the real estate industry and spills her secrets to the road to success.

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