Director Antoine de Bujadoux: “Awards and Recognition Motivate Me to Push My Creative Limits”

Director Antoine de Bujadoux

Every creative artist covets awards as recognition for their work, and nothing beats the validation that global film festivals give. French director Antoine de Bujadoux has been the recipient of several accolades for his exemplary short films and the two spots he directed for the Movember movement called ‘Un Vrai Film de Boules’.

Bujadoux made his career debut with the direction of the short film Offtrack in 2017, which received more than thirty selections in international film festivals. In 2018, his short comedy film, Dix Minutes Pas Plus, garnered rave reviews for its direction and sterling star cast featuring actors Philippe du Janerand and Marie-Christine Adam. The film won many awards and numerous nominations at more than 50 film festivals, including Isola del Cinema- Rome, Italy, Festival Off-Courts Trouville-France, SPLICE Film Fest- New York, USA, Toronto Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival-Canada, and London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival- UK.

Sharing his experience, Bujadoux says, “It is always an exciting feeling to get recognized for your hard work and achievements. Awards and recognition motivate me to push my creative limits and challenge myself to exceed everyone’s expectations, especially mine.”

Bujadoux is particularly known to infuse comedy in his work, especially when discussing a serious social awareness campaign or a difficult subject. According to him, humor delivers the message effectively and creates a significant impact without a hint of awkwardness. It also opens up the topic for conversation, as is evident from the video spots he directed for the Movember movement. He shares, “Testicular cancer is a serious subject which men feel uncomfortable to talk about. The videos feature actors from various age groups mouthing funny double entendre dialogues to convey about the disease.” The videos went viral and have drawn millions of views on social media and TV in France (2018 and 2020).

Courtesy of his father, famous French music composer Yves de Bujadoux, Antoine discovered the enchantment of the world of cinema at an early age. Awed by the sheer magic and emotions that films evoked, he decided to become a film director instead of following in his father’s footsteps. He concludes by speaking of his love for cinema, “I enjoy the creative process involved in filmmaking and showcasing my vision to the world. I am passionate about my work and look forward to each day with great enthusiasm.”

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