Nili Askari: Guiding People through Their Life Challenges

Nili Askari: Guiding People through Their Life Challenges

At times, you can’t choose your destiny. But you can always seek help from someone to overcome the most challenging periods of your life. Many people complain that they go into phases of depression, and it becomes almost impossible to get out of it. While the experience is horrifying, you can, however, talk to someone you can trust to get out of that zone and look at the happier things in life. And sometimes, that someone isn’t your partner, friend, or any other family member. Instead, it’s a therapist who knows how to handle such situations efficiently.

Nili Askari is a licensed family and marriage therapist who helps people get out of any grave situation. She has experience working with individuals and couples and families who have different issues in their lives. But Nili didn’t become a successful therapist within a few months. She had to work her way up the ladder.

Nili’s interest in psychology

Nili fell in love with psychology when she was in high school. She took a psychology class in her senior year and immediately became intrigued about how it explains people’s thoughts. The fact that she could use her experiences to guide people into leading a better life increased her interest in this subject.

Nili’s childhood wasn’t as smooth-sailing as some of the other kids. She was a daughter of immigrants, and it was challenging for her to fit into either the American or Iranian stereotype. This put her into a state of a profound identity crisis, which she thought she would never get out of. But as time progressed, she fell in love with both cultures, which was a turning point in her life and career.

Her experiences in dealing with an identity crisis made her a stronger person. She became quite vocal about speaking up about mental health because she thought most people don’t talk about it as much as they should. This is one of the reasons why her clients feel comfortable working with her. She creates an atmosphere of speaking with someone you know for years.

Experience as a therapist

Learning about psychology became a passion for Nili from a young age. She got her Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology, where she chose Marriage and Family Therapist as her specialization. Her specialty is working with young adults who suffer from anxiety, depression and find it challenging to cope with the transitions in their lives. Nili believes that everyone has the right to live a happy life, and if she can be the ear to the stories that her clients want to share, she will be glad to lend them and help her clients.

Becoming a therapist isn’t easy. She has to handle so many different clients that it sometimes becomes emotionally demanding for her. But she loves every moment of it because, beyond all the challenges, there is one thing she firmly believes in: being the help that people need to lead a life they’ve always dreamed of.






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