Abdullah Al Kobeissy’s Path Breaking Training Course ECOM HQ is Here to Take the Digital World by Storm

Buying and selling through online platforms has gained major prominence in present times, with many businesses making it big in the world of internet.

e-Commerce expert - Abdullah Al Kobeissy

21 year old Abdullah has entered the e-commerce space with his venture ECOM HQ, which teaches people to make money online sitting in the comfortable confines of their homes. Currently operating out of Queensland, Australia, Abdullah has been in the E-commerce business since past year and a half, and has gained in-depth knowledge of how the business works through online channels. Having mastered the art of making profits online, he has now come up with a program which teaches budding entrepreneurs on how to capitalize on the growing E-commerce markets and make a killing out of it.

What is the idea behind launching ECOM HQ, we ask? “Backed by my rich experience and after going through a lot of trial and errors, I have figured out a strategy that works fabulously, and is supposed to scale your online business three times within a short span of time. I have been consistently earning a good amount since I entered into this space, and now I want to share my ways of working out to the top with others through this course ”, says Abdullah. His training module is totally different from the ones you hear about in general and its unique methods have never been explored earlier, making it a one of its kind distinct course. He will guide his students throughout the course, till they master the nitty-gritty’s of it and be confident enough to sail the boat all by themselves.

He is confident of pushing his students to higher levels where they comfortably earn around 55k a month or more like he did, selling online. People who are struggling with their finances have an excellent opportunity as there is no risk involved, making this offer, all the more attractive.

Abdullah says the primary goal of bringing this course out for people is to make them financially stable and make break them free from the economic instability that the entire globe has been experiencing since the onset of the pandemic early this year.

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