Locked Out of Your Car? What To Do

Locked Out of Your Car? What To Do

When we inadvertently lock our keys inside our vehicle, our first response is to panic and quickly attempt to get inside the car no matter what. Panicking makes it harder for you to think of the right thing to do so you gain entry back into your vehicle. Making drastic decisions isn’t wise as you could damage your vehicle while trying forcible entry. 

In case you’ve found yourself locked out of your vehicle, resist the urge to panic, keep away from do-it-yourself strategies, and call emergency aides or an expert auto locksmith to assist you. Here are the things to do when you lock your keys in your vehicle.

Call A Reputable Locksmith Or Roadside Assistance

Unless you’re qualified in picking locked vehicles, the best action is to contact an expert locksmith or emergency roadside assistance services. Most cars currently in the market come pre-installed with services like OnStar. Such services allow a customer care representative to unlock your vehicle remotely instantly, and they operate on a 24-hour basis. This choice is viable but quite costly – expect to spend about $200 for such services.

If you have emergency roadside assistance through your car insurance company or a third party, you can have a professional come out to meet you, open your vehicle, and recover your keys. In case you don’t have both of these choices accessible at that point, calling a locksmith is the best and most reasonable approach to open your vehicle.

Experts offering professional auto locksmith Calgary services suggest that it is critical to furnish them with your exact location to hasten their arrival and give them your vehicle’s make and model while contacting a locksmith. Give them a heads up on what car they’ll be dealing with, what type of car key you use, and other helpful information they may need to open the vehicle.

Be Calm, Don’t Panic

It’s upsetting when you lock yourself outside your vehicle, which happens at the most unfavorable times. Imagine you have an appointment or work and hastily collect your documents and rush out of the car, only to remember your keys are locked inside. While this can be disappointing, it’s essential to deal with the event as smoothly as possible.

Panicking while at the same time attempting to recover the keys from inside the locked car worsens the situation and could cause damage to your vehicle, including yourself. When you’ve realized you’ve locked the keys inside your car, the priority to calm down and consider potential solutions you have.

Get To Safety

If you locked yourself outside your car during a stop along the highway, it’s not a good idea to spend a lot of time on the roadside – beware of the common road hazards. Some drivers are careless – they may drive outside lanes, and you are in danger just by being on a busy roadway. If there’s a chance of danger, you have to get to a secure place and move from the vicinity of your vehicle, as hard as that might be. 

Locked Out of Your Car? What To Do

Ordinarily, you should call for help promptly in case you’re anyplace close to the road. Once you are in a spot where there’s no possibility of danger or getting hit, dial 911. The police can come and ease the situation and assist you with figuring out how to get into your vehicle while you’re protected.

Things to Remember

It’s easy to feel that there isn’t anything you can do when you realize you have left your keys inside the car, yet on the other hand, if you keep a sober mind and follow the right steps, you’ll be back in your car right away. Don’t hesitate to request help should you need it. In the event that you are locked out of your vehicle amid danger, call 911. 

Otherwise, contact your insurance provider, your neighbor, or any roadside assistance service or local locksmith. They will ensure you will be helped to get back inside your vehicle.


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