Sigourney Belle Weldon Is Helping Female Entrepreneurs Dominate Business With Their Natural Instincts

Sigourney Belle Weldon

Sigourney Belle Weldon is an International Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher & Evolutionary Leader. She is the founder of The Wildgrace Movement, a global community of teachers and leaders in the field of sacred sexuality and spiritual healing.

Her experience in both academia combined with her learnings in Eastern medicine has allowed her to create a unique methodology that helps entrepreneurs create more holistic and well-rounded businesses.

She shared several learnings from her practices with leading entrepreneurs.

Most People Are In Their Own Way
Sigourney says most entrepreneurs know what to do and how to achieve success but sometimes doubt or have low self-worth that prevent them from functioning at high levels. In her experience with clientele, she says this emerges time and time again and she describes how she helped them work it through.

“It became about letting go of anything that was blocking this innate knowing to come through. With this work, people’s genius would come online and they would start to stream creativity and experience more magnetism and abundance in their business.”

She Coined A New Name For Her Practice
Sigourney being an innovator was searching for a perfect word to describe her blend of spirituality with business growth and success. She settled on “Business Medicine” as it embodies an antidote to the issues emotionally, spiritually, and often physically that business owners around the world face. She describes the process with which she defined this new word.

“I decided to call the process I was working with, Business Medicine because it was through my “healing” work that people would start to experience a source of endless creativity and inspiration which directly unlocked any resistance or lack of alignment in their business””

Stress Is A Killer Of Innovation And Progress
Hustling in business is often praised but Sigourney believes this is not the optimum way that entrepreneurs should function. She believes from experience, that stress can cause blockages in productivity far beyond the benefits of this mentality many entrepreneurs are accustomed to. She explains the concept of “flow” that if unlocked can help business owners have massive breakthroughs.

“I realised that often, people’s businesses do not flow because there is something internally blocked. When you free the nervous system of any tension and stress, through the processes I work with in my sessions, then everything unlocks, including the energy in their business.

Sigourney can be found on her Instagram sharing her innovative coaching methods with her global community on a daily basis.

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