Create your ideal office space

Office Start up

There are many benefits to working from home – the eradication of the morning commute, your favourite coffee on demand and the flexibility that it creates in your life. Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits is the fact that you are in control of your office space. Rather than having to stare at the whitewashed office walls that are so common in traditional office spaces, you get the opportunity to create your own ideal office space and thanks to suppliers like Office Reality, there is no need to worry about where to source them. Here are a few things to think about when designing your office.


A crucial tool for effective working, a good, well-designed office chair is a vital factor to consider when creating your ideal office space. Not only does your office chair support you and your body as you work, it also adds to the aesthetics of your ideal office space. Wellbeing, health and comfort should be the first consideration, and you should ensure that the chair you select for your ideal office space is fully adjustable and comfortable. Check the size of the seat area, the lumber support given by the back and the height of the backrest when deciding on the best addition to your office. Of course, aesthetics should be taken into account as well. Think about the colour scheme and style you are looking to create and select a chair that works well with your desired look.


Arguably one of the most important pieces of office furniture you will ever invest in, the desk you select can make or break the success of your ideal office space. Consider how you will be working and the amount and shape of space that you will need on the desk’s surface. Also consider the shape and size of the room your office space it set in and think about flexibility; will your desk fit in more than one position should you wish to change things around?

Colour scheme and style

The colour and style that you chose for your office can have an impact not only on the look and feel of your work space, but also your levels of productivity. Bright and bold colours can make you feel energized and upbeat and mean that you are more positive towards your work. Some prefer a clean and slick design that takes a minimalist approach and creates a clear and calm mind as you work.


Levels of light – both artificial and natural play a big role when it comes to creating an effective working environment. Take note of how the sun moves through the room during the time that you are using it and consider where and when there is a need for additional lighting such as lamps and spotlights. Adjustable bulbs are a good choice as they offer you the flexibility to switch between soft lighting and more vibrant, bright lighting. Many smart bulbs also come with the option of changing the colour of the light, and this can help to create calming or energetic environments to suit your working needs.



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