Meet One Of America’s Most Versatile Entrepreneurs, Star Actor and Hospitality Mogul Kevin Needham

Kevin Needham
Kevin Needham
One of today’s rising stars in the American entertainment industry is the multifaceted hospitality and philanthropy entrepreneur Kevin Needhamn.
Needham, now represented by ICM, has been recently turning heads of the American public for his success as an actor.
Most recently, Needham has landed him roles in films like Hard Sell and Audition, aa well as the Emmy dominated TV  drama The Accidental Wolf and Netflix’s new hit drama Hollywood.
Needham is hungry for more and feels he is finally tapping into his calling.  “Perseverance is my mindset,” Needham said. “I also go through life, knowing there will be setbacks and failures, but I continue pushing regardless.”

Needham goes into every audition with the script memorized to ensure freedom of movement and expression. His niche is bringing a piece of himself into every character since his individuality holds the uniqueness needed to make it to the big screens.

“In 99% of my auditions, I just add a spice of me because bringing pieces of myself to something is honest and truthful,” the actor said. “When I bring myself, I bring the good and the bad, heartache, disappointment, and all of my experiences. It is actually addicting opening up in performance, reopening old scars to expose parts of my life just to execute art…scary but addicting.”

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