Entrepreneur Yik Chan’s Success Is All About Self Appraisal

Yik Chan

Entrepreneur Yik Chan has come up as a multifaceted personality who is more than just running a company or a business. At a very young age of 27, he has founded 4 different companies in travel, e-commerce, education and real estate industries, with staff from Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. With his business expanding across the globe, Yik is exploring the possibilities of the business world.

Also a spiritual coach and motivational speaker, Yik owes his success as an entrepreneur to self-appraisal. All of Yik’s businesses follow his guiding principle “If you don’t want to buy it, how can you sell to other people”? He believes in the importance of self-appraisal to grow as an entrepreneur, constant feedback from his customers around the globe assures him that he is achieving his end goals. On the top of that, Yik says that he has decided to become an entrepreneur to create and not to compete.

Yik has also started the YNC Academy and the YNC Entrepreneurs Club to teach young entrepreneurs about business. He felt the need to start teaching young minds how to set up a proper business, how to do accounting, or negotiate with businesses, because of the lack of support from his friends and family during his initial days as an Entrepreneur. As a result, he came up with the idea of an Entrepreneurs Club, to share his experience as an entrepreneur and to demonstrate how a business can serve the world.

Yik strongly believes that self appraisal has helped him grow as an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurs are the leaders of the world, to be a leader you need to equip with a mindset to contribute to the people”, says Yik on his purpose behind starting his own business. Above all, Yik exerts that self appraisal is a necessary part of professionalism, an entrepreneur should know what his customers think of his products and services, to grow and contribute to the society.

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