Gus Fernandes shares his story into the making of Eola Tennis Academy

Gus Fernandes

Gus Fernandez was an ordinary young boy born in Curitiba, Brazil with extra ordinary circumstances which led him to climb the ladder to success. He was deeply inspired by an interview he over heard of Mr. Bill Gates, and Gus took his advice to his heart.

Mr. Gates had responded to what was the formula for success, as Gus states “Do what you do best and love in the world the most” and Gus decided to do just that.

Gus’ life started quite early, ever since the age of 4 he was active in sports, by the age of 6, he was taking swim lessons and at the age of 7 he had a record time of 1:07 for 100 meters freestyle. Gus was introduced to tennis, when his dads instructor enforced to start tennis lessons for Gus as well.

By the age of 8, Gus had really embedded in swimming and tennis. His decision and passion towards tennis solidified when his trainer had suspended him from practice for flip-flopping Lanes during his last swim meet, which actually pushed him further toward tennis.

Gus FernandesEver since then, Gus never looked back. Tennis was Gus’ life, but an unfortunate accident brought a pause to his career at the sport. Gus Fernandes still did not give up, he used all his qualities acquired from learning the sport to climb up the corporate ladder and was superbly successful even at that.

But the day he heard Mr. Gates, something changed in Gus’ life. The same night he called up all his tennis friends from across the world to seek their advice. Gus finally decided to take forward his passion for tennis to help make a difference in the lives of his students and just like that he founded the Fernandes Tennis Academy.

By 2015, Gus had expanded into a 3 acre land where he constructed Eola Tennis academy with a full time tennis facility and 10 courts.

Today, Gus has followed his heart to the ladder fo success and encourages his students to do the same.

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