How Matthias Aumann scaled Aumann: grün AG to one of the fastest growing companies

How Matthias Aumann scaled Aumann: grün AG to one of the fastest growing companies
How Matthias Aumann scaled Aumann: grün AG to one of the fastest growing companies

Finding the right person to do the job is a difficult task. Employees that lack motivation, are unsure of tasks or not skilled enough to do the job can be the result of low quality which turns into a constant threat for the company. For a business executive, nothing is more frightening than an employee who can’t hold the company’s standards. Entrepreneur Matthias Aumann realized that the best employees are the ones who talk to you on their level, but also understand your business like you do.

‘I see myself as a marketer. I’m doing something wrong, if I can’t sell my product or service.’ said Matthias. His life took a turn for the better in 2013, when he started to think about the best way to reach out to potential customers in order to increase customer acquisition for his recently founded company, the aumann:grün AG. He started off when he was 23, no clue about marketing, no business plan and no employees behind him. ‘Huge mistake’, he states. ‘My first marketing and advertising campaign, that I assigned to an outsourced agency, was a failure but as ‘Quit’ is not in my vocabulary I had to rethink everything. Over the next couple of months, I started to educate myself about marketing and stopped putting such an important matter into somebody else’s hands. I realized I had to stop addressing my customers problems and instead offer them the answer to their problems.

After implementing his own strategy, the company flourished. He went from zero to over 50 employees in less than 5 years. Sales went up 150% every year for the first 4 years. The Aumann:Grün AG was ranked number 54 on the list of the fastest growing companies by the Financial Times in 2016.

‘Having a clear structure within the company, not only towards customer acquisition but also within the management and employee area of expertise is of importance.’ said Matthias. ‘I prefer to surround myself and the company with positivity and emphasize communication. That way, everyone involved is on the same page, which makes it easier not only for everyday life but also for the hiring process at Aumann:Grün AG. Negativity prevents companies from finding suitable employees as it attracts further negativity. You can only encourage employees if you, as a leader, are being the best example.

Aumann:Grün AG has received lots of awards for its innovative recruitment process and its management skills. Matthias may have cracked the code for business success.

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