Entrepreneur Zaina Gohou Believes Education Is The Key To A Better Future

Zaina Gohou

Technology advancements have made higher education more accessible. People in need of schedule flexibility can now earn a degree at their own pace. Actress, model, and sustainability research advocate Zaina Gohou has travel demanding careers, but was recently able to complete her Degree in Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard University. The young entrepreneur has always felt passionate about education, and now with the current state of the world, she is encouraging others to take control of their minds and futures.

The pandemic tucked everyone away to quarantine, which proposed a great opportunity for everyone to reflect and leap for more fulfilling lifestyles. A lot of people documented their glow-ups or new start-up ideas via social media. Gohou was one who shared the recent achievements that gave her a new perspective on the world and made her more cognizant of industry adaptations. One, in particular, is the shift towards sustainability.

“I was thinking of what I could do personally to help accelerate the process and to spread more awareness, and my first idea was to develop a company that is producing sustainable products like a plastic-free toothbrush or a reusable cup for example, or even a progressive product in Africa,” Gohou said. “After talking to a couple of people, I learned that there are a lot of challenges such as packaging, workers’ rights, transportation, logistics, weight, and more. I wanted to learn how to optimize and rethink business from the bottom up so it can be sustainable all around.”

Gohou, who already received her degree in Psychology from the University of Mannheim, feels that education has helped her self actualize. Her priorities include empowering others to wander outside their comfort zone and contribute to the ever-evolving world. Gohou wants to get people talking and exchanging viewpoints and ideas because conversations lead to discoveries.

“We can change the world for the better with education,” Gohou said. “The best part is that nobody can take your knowledge away from you.”

Though online education is more affordable, Gohou understands that the delivery is challenging on focus and motivation. She is also not convinced that elite education is the end all be all. Gohou trusts that self-teaching from reading and listening to podcasts are just as beneficial, but to avoid and be aware of sensational journalism.

Gohou believes it is imperative that we all try to be more in touch with forces affecting modern society to accelerate viable alternatives. Gohou plans to continue expanding her mind and indulge in collective efforts to change the world. She hopes to create a safer and sophisticated future for generations to come.

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