Colin Watson – A Success Story From Digital Prosperity Movement, Explains How It’s Helped Him Crush His Fears To Become An Online Entrepreneur

Colin Watson is a 30 year old physiotherapist turned online entrepreneur from Newcastle in the North of England

Colin Watson is a 30 year old physiotherapist turned online entrepreneur from Newcastle in the North of England.

Colin was tired of the demanding work that’s involved in looking after other people’s health and wellbeing. He also loves to travel and explore the world (outside Covid life).

Working tirelessly and his passion for travel lead him to look for remote working opportunities in the online world.

In May of 2020 he came across Digital Prosperity Movement – The online education platform that’s helping thousands create an income online this year, and at first, he was highly sceptical that it could be just another scam on the internet.

In an exclusive Interview with Colin, we get his top tips on how to overcome your fears if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur.

What did you think when you first saw a platform offering to help beginners build their own online business, Colin? 

Honestly, I’ve seen so many “online guru’s” asking for money and telling me they can make me rich. I just thought “Oh here we go again”.

But I spoke to a few of the guys that put the training platform together, and they were just normal, down to earth people – They even give me a risk free trial of their platform which I’m completely grateful for, because no way would I have been able to get a look inside and learn how simple building a social media business is, if they didn’t do that.

Did you have any fears going into this?

Oh definitely. I have never done anything like this before. Never had a business before and certainly never worked online before. These fears were all going around in my head at the beginning.

But I can’t stress enough how much I was scared of it all being a big scam. My mates were in my ear saying that too, which made me think it was even more. But Adam Gateley, who is now my business coach in Digital Prosperity Movement, offered me a phone call and he made me understand things from a totally different perspective.

He said to me “Colin, your mates are mechanics and plumbers, they slog their guts out for 50 hours a week, and they have never built a successful online business before, do you want what they have in life? Because if you don’t then why are you taking their opinions and advice?”

This struck a chord with me. I am joining a group or 6 and 7 figure earners that are living the life I want and teaching me how to achieve what they have already achieved.

And from this point onwards I’ve been all in with it. I’m now seeing some incredible results and well on my way to quitting my job in less than 1 year in business.

How did you deal with any other fears you had when you started your business?

Well I was scared that I would fail. I think that’s an obvious one. But when you see what’s inside the Digital Prosperity Movement training platform, it’s honestly harder to fail than succeed.

Double that up with a supportive, helpful community of 3000 other entrepreneurs, who have your back every step of the way, your fears go straight out the window as soon as you’re welcomed in the group.

And can you just explain exactly what type of business this is?

Sure, I partner up with big companies that are recommended by Digital Prosperity Movement, to sell their products for them.

The posh term is affiliate marketing.

We sell their products and services, not by going face to face, but by running adverts on social media to targeted customers that are already interested in buying.

The training platform in Digital Prosperity Movement has taught me and thousands of others how to market my business on social media. Without It, I would be out there on my own, probably struggling to figure it all out by myself. So I’m very happy to say I got over my initial scepticism!

And what does the future look like for Colin?

I’m well on track to replacing my income from my full-time job, that’s definitely happening in the next 6 months, and then I’m on the first plane out of here to go and explore the world after Covid-19!

Because the business is automated, it means I don’t have to be on my laptop all day long and I’ll be working on my own hours!

I’m also now looking to help other people build a social media business with the skills that I have learned too. My other passion along with travel, is to help others that want to build their own online freedom business.

Just head over to my website –

Or contact me on the links below if you’re wanting something more from life but don’t know where to start.

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