L3COS Establishes The First Regulator-To-Customer Operating System On Blockchain


Despite Blockchain technology’s undeniable emergence as the largest alternative global financial market (second only to government currencies), none of its operations have yet been regulated.

This, unfortunately, yet not surprisingly, acts as perhaps the biggest barrier for entry for macro markets to adopt the new technology.

But wait…. with the rise of innovative new platforms such as L3COS, that hurdle may indeed be overcome on the macro level.

The reason- L3COS led by financial thought leader Founder Zurab Ashvil- has developed the world’s first quantum safe blockchain operating system, a seminal breakthrough in blockchain that enables governments and other regulatory bodies the unprecedented ability to directly regulate the end consumer.

Not only does this immediately streamline the blockchain operating system for current consumers (who no longer have to rely on middlemen), but it also establishes a critical precedent- in fact the cornerstone foundation- for regulation and security to exist in blockchain, which will become the foundation for the future of the digital economy,

Needless to say, with the adoption of L3COS technology, blockchain will be positioned to take its biggest leap yet….that to large scale market share and the same economic dominion as today’s standardized government currencies.

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