Meet Derek, the Mind and the Man Behind the Self-improvement Brand ‘More Plates More Dates’

Derek, the Mind and the Man Behind the Self-improvement Brand ‘More Plates More Dates’

Through his brand, Derek has successfully carved out his own unique niche in the fitness, health and self-improvement industry.

Success stories are often not created overnight, rather they are built from the ground up by hustling for years.

It’s typically a several year process before someone emerges at the top as renowned personality in an industry.

The industry of health, fitness and the like is already filled with many passionate people and successful names, but Derek has managed to create his own niche in it with a unique combination of content.

Thinking outside the box, continuously researching and keeping up with the latest trends has helped him build a presence in the supplement industry as well.

Since his early days, Derek always felt an inclination towards the industry of health at large and this motivated him to monetize his own brand in this sector via his content and companies that are health and performance focused.

It was in early 2016 that Derek came up with his brand called ‘More Plates More Dates‘, which is a robust platform that helps educate men about a wide range of topics like bodybuilding, health, hair loss prevention, diet, nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, supplementation and dating.

At the initial stage of starting this brand, Derek also simultaneously worked for a supplement company and used his income to start building up his own brand.

Learning through the process and advancing his knowledge, Derek started to formulate products for the companies he worked for.

His constant research in the areas of health, bodybuilding and hormone optimization not only intersected with product development, but it helped earn him notable status in the industry, and companies then entrusted him with deciding what products and services they should sell.

His career began by writing blog articles in 2016 for his website. Realizing the potential of the online mediums, Derek recorded his first-ever YouTube video shortly afterwards.

In December of 2017, Derek launched the brand ‘Gorilla Mind’, which is a company that predominantly sells formulations aimed to support cognitive and physical performance.

In late 2019 he went all-in with his passion and started posting videos on a full-time basis.

His expertise and content is not confined to the common men’s self-improvement topics.

The reason why Derek stands apart from his contemporaries is that he goes in-depth on many edgy topics and brings together his knowledge and passion for pharmacology and maximizing human performance to produce science-based content about those topics on a regular basis.

Derek also owns a hormone replacement therapy clinic that provides concierge-level health care.

Derek has worked with an array of different high-level athletes and influential people, including Mr. Olympia level bodybuilders, famous DJs, Hollywood actors, and more.

His unique content has earned him a dedicated community of subscribers on YouTube of around 200,000 subscribers.

He also created an audio only podcast and posts his content across most other notable social media platforms.

This has made his brand stronger by focusing on cutting edge content that informs people about ways to enhance their lifestyle, approach hormone optimization, maintain their health, and more.

Derek’s continuous research coupled with his vast personal experience and experimentation has earned him great momentum and a strong following on his YouTube channel and website.

To learn more about the brand More Plates More Dates, visit Derek’s website – and follow the Instagram page here –

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