Azzah F Akhtar – Effective Lead Generation Using Facebook for Realtors & Business Owners Entrepreneurs

Azzah F Akhtar talks about effective lead generation

The pandemic taking place globally had resulted in certain disruptions in many people’s lives – ranging from their personal lives to how they are operating their businesses. It resulted in a  major impact on realtors and entrepreneurs. Nobody is disregarded from the actual repercussions of COVID-19. So, are you a realtor, brokerage or entrepreneur struggling to survive in this crisis but faces a huge blow on how to generate more leads, book sales appointments and close clients? If your answer is DEFINITELY YES, then you should carry on with reading this article. We were able to have an exclusive talk with Azzah F Akhtar, where she shared three valuable steps to overcome this struggle that you are confronted with and to start generating swarms of leads.

We asked Azzah what her top rated platform is currently for generating quality leads for her existing clients, as more leads mean more sales booked appointments and more clients. She answered Facebook and recommended all realtors, real estate brokerage firms and entrepreneurs to focus a massive proportion of their attention to this platform. What she revealed with us revolves around the world of Facebook – how to generate more inbound quality leads, meaning booked appointments where the pre qualified buyers or sellers are coming to you overflowing your calendar not the other way around. Here are the three steps to make this happen:

Let’s be honest here. Lead generation alone is not sufficient enough for realtors, real estate brokerages nor entrepreneurs. In the 21st century, many companies are offering their services of lead generation to real estate professionals but are not meeting expectations.

We have to ask ourselves the reason? Those leads have not actually been verified and qualified and do not transfer directly to booked appointments. The results in the end are basically leads that are low quality and the conversion rates too. Thus realtors are naturally more skeptical about these kinds of services.

It is time to get your pipeline full with pre qualified buyers and sellers or quality leads if an entrepreneur. Have a systemised client qualification process to increase the booked appointments and buyer conversions rates with ease.

The time to respond back to a lead is now becoming a powerful factor of determining a fruitful contact through to conversions along with closes for the realtor. Having a process to contact your leads as quickly as possible is essential to increasing conversion of the leads.

Finally, the qualification of these leads before being forwarded to a realtor can be a great asset to the realtor, brokerage firm. Having solid qualification questions along with scripts speeds up the qualification process and prevents realtors from wasting valuable time on dead end calls.

In this crazy industry, hence the more aptly your leads are qualified, then the less time that is being squandered on calling prospects that aren’t a fit.

So it is the case that you might get a lot of leads being bought or generated, but the reality is that you will not make effective use of them. So the resources that you spend on qualifying attempts will be wasted and most of those leads will never become paying clients.

So by implementing the above it will smoothen your processes and increase your conversion rates.


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