Isa Jaime: from fashion icon to source of inspiration

Isa Jamie

In the age of Instagram®, most everybody desires fame and recognition; But only a handful of people actually have something to share with the world, and for people like Isa Jaime – one of Latin America´s youngest and most successful female CEO´s – the possibility to empower and inspire those around her has become the main driving force behind her awe-inspiring fashion, beauty and blogging endeavors.

Jaime – who was born in Mexico and also has a French lineage –  is widely recognized as one of the new thought leaders that have been propelling the fashion industry forward – her precious time studying at the prestigious L’Institut Marangoni in Paris certainly served as a huge stepping stone for her, it provided her with a deeper understanding of the industry and leading fashion trends. Her passion, natural eye and knowledge of the industry have made her an unstoppable force of nature.

Her natural charisma and carefree personality, coupled with her undeniable beauty and an innate understanding of the underlying consumer trends that steer the fashion industry in modern times have served as effective tools as the twenty-something beauty goddess continues her expansion into key international markets.

Isa´s brands – Radstate apparel and J´aime beauty – have experienced a seemingly unstoppable growth curve in the past few months, alongside the centerfold´s official Instagram® profile, which provides dedicated followers with updates from Isa herself on a regular basis.

“I believe in helping people find the path to achieve their biggest dreams, through my platforms I always try to share positive messages.” –Isa states.

Isa is no stranger to the spotlight, with global tabloids constantly reporting her every move, the young entrepreneur and public figure quickly realized the potential for positive influence that her star power has allowed her to wield. Jaime decided to use her platform to inspire and empower other young women with big dreams. Her “modern day princess” series of Instagram® posts has become the talk of the fashion world since she first released it.

As modern trends continue shifting, people like Isa Jaime are becoming a permanent fixture in the modern day digital influence ecosystem, and through her success she is effectively paving the way for those who wish to follow her footsteps.

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