Car Enthusiast Aman Rathee Talks About How Social Work Fits Into The Picture

Aman Rathee

If there is any quality page on Instagram that is focused towards cars and the lifestyle associated with them; it has to be Aman Rathee’s Instagram profile.

Aman Rathee is India’s most famous car enthusiast and an extremely popular social media influencer. He comes from Panchkula and has a very rich family background. His father has big politician and business affiliations as well. Aman Rathee is an accomplished young son of a well reputed family.

Aman is a social media Influencer and blogger whose content is mostly about cars and style. Aman has to himself a dedicated community which wants to consume the powerful content that he delivers. His Instagram profile (@amanrathee10) is packed with beautiful aesthetic pictures of Aman with his cars, videos of cars in motion and other style focused posts.

While everyone is aware of his love for cars and style, less people know that he is also a social worker. The reason behind it is that he never really advertised his contributions or donations.

In a candid interview, when asked about how a car enthusiast was drawn towards social help and donation, Aman said, “I am extremely aware of my privileges. I’ve never denied them. I am also aware that I am in the possession of the resources that can be of use to genuinely needy people. Since a lot of time I wanted to work towards the upliftment of the society and even if I can send one girl to school, or if I can make one life better; it’s all worth it and I’m satisfied. There is an out of the world feeling that one gets when you know that someone is benefitting from the kindness that you displayed. Besides these are actually the values that I’ve been brought up with.”

Aman has done noteworthy work in the betterment of conditions around his town, be it rural schools or helping the funding of certain meals of the children. He regularly contributes to a non government organization which works towards educating young children about sanitation, hygiene and health. According to him, the social work that Aman does makes him feel extremely at peace.

Aman is a social media influencer in the truest form because a large number of people that follow him are regularly motivated and encouraged positively because of him.

Aman Rathee is the perfect blend of style and graciousness. He continues to drive the newest cars which also tries to bring a small change, somewhere in the world. And we are sure he succeeds everyday.

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