Cinematographer Vaibhav Vyas wants to push his creative boundaries to explore opportunities


Creative people are often seen hitting a point wherein their ability to think out of the box meets a roadblock. This limits the process of ideation which leaves the creative personalities left with limited opportunities.

Vaibhav Vyas who is best known as a photographer and cinematographer is not letting his creativity confined within the walls of his thought process. The ace cinematographer is trying his hands on various aspects with a willingness to explore various opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Over the years, Vaibhav has proved his shooting prowess and has some of the best projects added to his credits. Some of his works as a cinematographer include ‘Moj Ma Revu’, ‘Kaash Aisa Hota’ by Darshan Raval, ‘Jee Karda Ay’, ‘Adhoora’, ‘Jal Kamal’, ‘Aameen’ among others. For his outstanding works, he has received multiple accolades and recognitions. Vaibhav was awarded the ‘Best Cinematography Wow Award’, ‘Event and Entertainment Manager Association Award 2015’, ‘GIFA Films Award 2016’, ‘EMF Award 2017’ and ‘Gaurvaanta Gujarati Award 2017’.

Vaibhav’s creative work profile is not only limited to India but also Internationally. He has done several projects in Dubai, UK, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey and the USA. He has also worked as a DOP for many popular songs, music labels and has worked with many channels like Times Music, Indie Music and Shemaroo Gujarati.

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