Money, Travel, Adventure – Dubai’s Young Entrepreneur Mykola Borysov Is on His Way Up

Dubai’s Young Entrepreneur Mykola Borysov
Mykola Borysov

He’s going to be everywhere, mark it. He’s already everywhere amongst the travel lovers or the luxurious lifestyle or lavish lifestyle seekers. The City of Gold (Dubai) has a diamond being built inside of it and it’s a 28-year old Ukrainian Entrepreneur named Mykola Borysov.

Born in Ukraine on December 19, 1992 and having studied engineering due to his parent’s compulsion, Dubai was his next move. The City of Gold treats no two people the same, Nick managed to be on the bright side. With a fan following of over 750k on Instagram alone, the 28-year has engraved his social media alias in the list of rising/upcoming sensations.

A quick glance at his Instagram feed @nick_diamond_ will leave all of us with our mouths wide-open and our eyes not believing what we are ‘unknowingly’ scrolling through. The aesthetic pictures, the super-aesthetic places Nick routinely travels to, and the bravado he depicts in his expensive supercars are unique to his followers. They love him for that.

But all of this what Nick owns now was once a dream of his. The journey from Mykola Borysov to being Nick Diamond was a bumpy one. But as it goes, “the best view comes after the hardest climb”. Nick perfectly suits this maxim.

The 28-year old is now an active entrepreneur who calls himself a byproduct of ‘determination, hard work and consistency’, a digital marketing influencer who can boost your presence alarmingly with just a simple story mention, a full-time investor, crypto maniac, and someone who lives his life to the fullest. Also, Nick loves Lionel Messi and has had the pleasure of meeting him. That adds to his list of achievements I suppose.

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