Entrepreneur Ethan Duran: From Dabbling in Various Businesses to Establishing a 7-Figure Exotic Car Rental Business

Ethan Duran owner of Corsa Auto Rental on one of the exotic cars
Entrepreneur Ethan Duran

He is just 22 and is already making waves as a successful businessman in Los Angeles. He is making Dominicans proud, particularly because the community doesn’t get opportunities to flourish very often. Entrepreneur Ethan Duran is turning the tables by representing his community through his successful ventures. Duran’s journey is sprinkled with insights for business success with the knowledge he has gleaned from running multiple businesses to starting a successful car rental enterprise. He shared some insights into what factors made it all work for him.

Keeping an eye out for possibilities

Duran describes the start of his company, Corsa Auto Rental, as happenstance. He shares, “I stumbled upon exotic car rentals by mere chance. I moved to Los Angeles with the intent to do investment banking. Once I saw the potential for car rentals, I couldn’t stay away. Especially when I knew I could do it better than the people already in business.”

Taking risks

Duran advises everyone to take risks. He shares, “I’m the hardest worker in the room. That’s what empowers me to take risks and experiment with different ideas. They say talent beats hard work. I’d say I’m talent, working hard. I used to stress every day about being successful. I read every book and bought courses. I tried everything but couldn’t figure it out. I’ve dabbled in every business from real estate to eCommerce and investment banking. Nothing gave me that 7 figure income I desired, but I didn’t give up until I could find out what works for me.” And all his efforts paid off when he finally hit the jackpot. Ethan made USD 2,700,000 in his first year of running a business of exotic car rentals. “It truly changed my life from level 3 to 10,” he says.

When passion meets commitment

Ask Duran what made him successful, he says, “My passion for cars and the motivation to be the best in the industry made it possible. Progression is like a drug.” Indeed, progress is very addictive. Committing to a business is like hitting the gym every day. One needs to go through the soreness to be able to one day experience the sheer joy and benefits of living in that well-chiseled, highly-functional body. Duran explains further, “When you do something that you are passionate about, commitment comes easily.”

Given his experience and proven track record, Duran’s advice is well worth considering.

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