10 Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim


If you’ve recently sustained an injury that’s directly affected your physical body or mental state due to the negligence or malpractice of a responsible party, experts will classify these situations as a personal injury case. Personal injuries can be both financially and emotionally devastating to those affected. In most cases, these injuries will prevent a victim from returning to work and continuing to lead a healthy, well-rounded, and fulfilling day-to-day life.

If you’re the victim of a workplace accident or car accident, then it may be wise for you to file a claim. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complicated claims filing process with ease. To ensure you win your case and avoid crippling expenses, you’ll need to ask a personal injury lawyer the right questions before hiring.

While you may have limited emotional and physical energy to spare following a traumatic accident, you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure the claims filing process goes off without a hitch. Finding a personal injury and auto accident attorney requires adequate preparation and a proactive approach.

Can you tell me about your fees?

You should never proceed with any personal injury attorney lawyer until you inquire about their fees. The majority of these personal injury attorneys will take the contingency route, which means you won’t have to cover pertinent expenses unless you receive compensation and a favorable ruling. If you’re unsure of an attorney’s fees, you should avoid taking action and postpone claim filing. Diving headfirst into the process without an estimate of costs could put you in a compromising financial position.

Am I accountable for expenses if I lose?

Lawsuit losses are always a possibility. That’s why it’s up to you to make sure that you won’t be accountable for any lawsuit expenses that may pop up if you aren’t victorious. There are personal injury attorneys who request that their clients manage costs related to their case. If you want to avoid incurring out-of-pocket expenses, you’ll need to clarify before proceeding

Do you have sufficient time for my specific case?

The last thing you want is to hire a personal injury attorney swamped with other cases. You have to secure a lawyer who has sufficient time to give you. Otherwise, you may end up with lawsuit results that are less than satisfactory.

Do you have ample experience with this kind of case?

It can be a massive mistake to hire a personal injury attorney who doesn’t have experience regarding your specific case variety. If you were involved in a devastating car collision that left you with life-altering injuries, it would benefit you tremendously to opt for a personal injury attorney with an impressive amount of experience in personal injury lawsuits.

What can I expect in the time department?

Time is money. It’s always a smart option to ask personal injury attorneys about timeframes. A capable attorney should be able to approximate how long managing your situation will take. When healing from debilitating physical injuries, the last thing you want to do is spend an excessive amount of time in the litigation process.

Should I anticipate heading to trial?

You should be suspicious of personal injury attorneys who promise a settlement in your future. Personal injury attorneys should act as though all of their cases are on the paths to trials. If they prepare for trials, they’ll be able to help you gather a substantial amount of evidence.

Can you tell me the value of my case?

Capable personal injury attorneys should be able to estimate the approximate value of your case. If you encounter a lawyer who can’t provide you with information regarding your case’s potential value, you should consider looking elsewhere for legal counsel.

Who exactly will tackle my case at the firm?

Find out which legal practice employee is going to tackle your specific case. You’ll need to find out who your “go-to” person will be right off the bat.

What am I going to have to handle?

It’s crucial to figure out the role you’re going to play in the personal injury lawsuit. Find out about all of your responsibilities in advance. You may have to go to depositions in some cases, as many lawyers permit your participation.

Do you have a previous client I can contact?

Speaking with a previous client can give you peace of mind. If you want to feel confident in your personal injury attorney decision, it can help you greatly confer with an earlier client about their experience.

Final thoughts

Failure to interrogate a personal injury attorney may have devastating consequences. If you lose a personal injury lawsuit, medical personnel will shackle you to a payment plan, and you may have to declare bankruptcy to cover these expenses. To avoid incurring a stack of medical bills, recruit a qualified person

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