Mariia Tsegelnyk of the Light of Healing Turns a Life-Threatening Disease into the Fuel for serving Humanity

Energy Healing Expert and founder of The Light of Healing, Mariia Tsegelnyk, narrates how she overcame her health struggles and turned around her fortunes as a healing coach and a world-renowned spiritual teacher

Mariia Tsegelnyk

Mariia Tsegelnyk would not have turned out to become one of the most sought-after energy healing experts in the world if she allowed the debilitating illness to prevail. The certified Reiki expert discovered the inherent power of energy healing in one of the most unexpected ways after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening ailment.

Mariia arrived in the United States in 2012 following the completion of a Master’s programme in Business Management from Ukraine and Norway. She became successful in hospitality and restaurant industry.  However, she wanted more out of life and decided to go into yoga, especially the spiritual aspect of it, to fulfil her calling. After teaching yoga successfully for some time, life happened and Mariia was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which was untreated for years.

“In April 2014 my life will change forever. It was gorgeous day outside, I was teaching yoga class at the park, and I got bit by a tick. I’ve contracted Lyme Disease that has been left undiagnosed and untreated for years.  Nobody knew what was going on with me. I couldn’t walk, move, speak, think (my brain was inflamed), couldn’t listen to any sounds that were louder than a whisper, as it would hurt my ears, I was bedbound, my body was aching in pain, because every organ was affected by infection. Of course, I couldn’t work anymore. My relationship was falling apart. My whole life was falling apart as I was slowly dying,” said Mariia.

While others seemingly gave up on Mariia, she was determined to heal herself, which led to the discovery of Energy Healing. However, Mariia wanted to share her wealth of knowledge with the world to help people suffering from a similar situation to tap into their inner self and overcome life challenges. Consequently, she founded The Light of Healing to help people, using the power of Energy Healing and their Unconscious Mind to heal their bodies from illness or any imbalance, and activate the innate inner ability to heal themselves. Mariia and her team at The Light of Healing provide Certification Trainings in multiple Energy Healing Modalities, Reiki, Shamanism, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, in different languages across the globe, as the International school continues to gain more popularity and recognition, because of Mariia’s and her Healing Team’s dedication to spreading the wisdom of healing and serving humanity.

To learn more about Mariia’s work and see the schedule of upcoming events visit or follow @mariia_healing_light on Instagram.

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