A Left-handed Golfer Ensures Nothing is Left Undiscovered: Shivraj Khachar

Shivraj Khachar

One of the youngest entrepreneurs of Gujarat, Shivraj Khachar is the son of Jasdan’s Darbarsaheb. Besides being an influencer, manufacturing cow products, making people aware of the social, political, economical, and cultural benefits by maintaining cows in the gaushalas, owning luxury cars like Rolls Royce, 1932 Vintage Bentley, Jeep, Land Rover among others and owning over 250 cattle including the purest Kathiyawadi horses and Gir cows, he has more to add into this jaw-dropping list.

Shivraj Khachar is a professional golfer. He is a left handed golfer who hits the ball long. He started playing golf at the tender age of 16 at The Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club and since then, there was no looking back. He got selected for amateur golf and represented Gujarat State at National Level when he was merely 18. He impressively finished top 3 in Indian Golf Union Tournament-2017 held at Kalhaar Golf course and Karnataka Golf Course.

During flood calamity in Baroda, Shivraj helped around 100 caddies with food and shelter. He is deeply indulged in golf. These days, he is investing his efforts into making it in the Indian Team for amateur golf. He has played with renowned sports celebrities like Steve Waugh , Kapil Dev, Murli Kartik and Shane Warne. Fascinated by his accomplishments, his fans and well wishers always awaits a new achievement update.

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