Meet Mohit Jain, the rising entrepreneur of the modern business world

Mohit Jain

His grit and passion towards has made him a prominent business personality offering jobs to others and helping them chase their dreams.

Sometimes, no matter how much ever we work hard in life and makes efforts consistently towards our goals, it gets challenging to get nearer to achieve all those desires in life. Nowadays, even the most intelligent youngsters, after gaining esteemed degrees in their academic careers have been at home without work. Many factors determine the amount of opportunities a person can get and the success he/she can achieve out of the same. Tiding against the waves and making a unique place for himself in the entrepreneurial world is a youngster, who decided to do something different and instead of looking out for jobs after completing his MBA, decided to provide jobs to others who truly deserve the positions in the business world. This multi-talented youngster and entrepreneur is Mohit Jain from Aurangpura, Aurangabad smart city.

It was Mohit’s dream to do MBA, and it was his passion to not only complete his education with that degree to his name but also become an entrepreneur and help provide job offers to many other talented minds in this world, with the aim to strengthen the economy of our country and provide astute leaders of the future who can take the business world to much greater heights.

Mohit was average in studies and did his schooling from Cambridge School, High school education in Nath Valley and MBA from the MGM Institute of Management. He has always taken inspiration from his father, who himself is a high-performing businessman. Looking at the rigorous work his father has been doing since so many years, it ignited the fire in Mohit to do something for himself as well and hence, he began his journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and work with his colleagues sharing same goals. Not just that, his portfolio broadened when he initiated his Social Media marketing Agency called ‘Starbuzz Digimark’, which turned many brands and business lucrative in cities across Aurangabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.The success of his agency has allowed Mohit to add 20 companies to his firm and has also provided employment to people.

If all this was not enough, let us tell you that Mohit has also been a fitness freak in his life and has been training for the last eight years. Which inspired him to help others achieve fitness goals too. today, out of passsion he helps others as an exemplary fitness trainer coach, who guides and makes a difference in the lives of 10 to 12 other fitness trainers across many gyms in various cities. Mohit is quite active with his fitness sessions in the online world as well through Instagram daily.

Apart from this, this young business talent also helps in his father Khemchand Jain’s business, who owns three jewelry showrooms named by “Arihant Gold Palace”. Each passing day, with his newer ideas and concepts, Mohit has developed a bigger network and incessantly works for growing his father’s business as well.

Currently, Mohit is training many fitness trainers and fitness clients through Instagram and he aims to train more than 1 lakh trainers and clients. Looking at his grit and passion, we won’t be surprised if Mohit Jain reaches the top of the game in the business world.

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