Where Is Testing Used in Everyone’s Daily Life?

The power of information can help or hamper many people in today's world

A good software tester must be good at analysis. They must be able to look at a piece of software and think of possibly a hundred different ways to break this software or render it unusable. They must have exceptional observation skills and find out how a system actually works vs. how it’s supposed to. They should be the right amount of skeptical for this job too.

Software testers make use of different testing styles, types, and tools to ensure that systems and apps run as they’re expected. They also need to make sure that releases are compliant and those client requirements are met. They perform all sorts of tests to find out if a system passes all sorts of standards. But how else are testing skills used, and where is testing used in everyone’s daily life?

Website testing

Results vary, but research shows that the average person spends between 2 to 6 hours of each day browsing the internet. Also, on average, a person would only wait about 2 seconds before calling it quits with a website that won’t fully load. Just think about it: we couldn’t be bothered to stay and wait for a slow website to load, but we still, on average, spend more time surfing the web than we may do eating the whole day.

Website testers at work can test a website’s functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and security. These testers prove that developers can do better in some or all aspects of website development. UI/UX tests are also performed to make sure that users get the experience and the interaction they expect from the website. In return, website visitors get fast, beautiful, cross-device websites that satisfy their curiosity and love for the unknown.

Game testing

Now how many of you reading this is guilty of having and playing at least one mobile, desktop, or console game at least once a day? Testing becomes part of everyone’s daily life as games become a more and more prevalent way for people to de-stress and distract from the worries of everyday life.

Game testers perform all sorts of tests for game developers to deliver enjoyable, bug-free games. They make sure that the games on our devices are optimized for speed and compatibility. It also falls into the hands of game testers to help make sure that the games are compliant and will be approved by digital distribution services like Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Usability testing

Usability testing determines if a software program, application, or product is usable. It doesn’t really bother with which functions work, or which features were required by the client – all it needs to know is if the end product is usable.

Imagine that you’re asked to make an automatic car that has a gas pedal and a brake pedal. Now, it came to you that you wanted something different for this car, so you switched it up and put the accelerator on the left and the brake pedal on the right.

If a tester were to test that car against the client requirements and functionality, you’d pass the test with flying colors. However, if a tester were to test that car based on usability, you’d undoubtedly fail.

Usability testing is performed to make sure that a product is usable based on certain rules and expectations. If you performed a usability test, you’d know for sure that every person will expect the gas pedal on the right and the brake pedal on the left, and not the other way around. A software testing company like QAwerk can help ensure that systems and applications are running how you want and expect them to. 

Testing is everywhere

A software tester’s job is a job that affects the lives of many. It’s not just about finding bugs in a system though it’s a very big part of what a software tester does.

Every company that uses a computer system benefits from several types of manual and automated tests performed by software testers. These systems allow the companies to provide people with the services and the products that they need. Customers benefit from properly tested systems and products, and it’s safe to say that testing is everywhere and testing is a part of everyone’s life.


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