Finding Good Value NFL Bets


The NFL season started earlier this month and despite the havoc wreaked on professional sport and there is more excitement than ever. As usual, there are plenty of talking points, namely who will emerge victorious from the Super Bowl final.

There has been a fierce debate amongst pundits already as to the answer to that question with the most split between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens. Beyond that, there are plenty of other points of interest this season which is reflected in the staggering amount spent on NFL sports bets so far.

When it comes to finding great outside bets there are a handful of trusted sites whose odds will be a reliable way of measuring how likely a team is to succeed. We’ll aim to cover some of the most likely events in this guide.

#1 Patrick Mahomes to have Most Regular Season Passing Yards

In the aftermath of a historic playoff win the Kansas City Chiefs signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year half a billion-dollar contract. We think that the 24-year-old will be a shining light for the franchise once again this season.

Including the playoffs, Mahomes leads the NFL in touchdown passes, passing yards, total QBR and wins over the past two seasons. Backing him at 9/2 to have the most regular-season passing yards this time around is effectively a licence to print money.

#2 Josh Allen to have under 3,300 passing yards

The Buffalo Bills have invested the majority of their cash on the defensive side of the game in the hopes that their offensive coordinators will look after themselves. Hopes are high in upstate New York that Josh Allen – a quarterback with the ability to make plays with his legs – can carry the team to more than an accidental playoff push.

However, you could add any great player you want from NFL history to this squad and Josh Allen would still struggle to pass for 3,300 yards. Last season he had 3,089 in total and this season we would be surprised if he managed to pass the 3,200 mark.

#3 The New York Jets to Get Under 6.5 Wins

Last season the Jets started their campaign with just 1 win in 8 and this time around they have already kicked off with a loss, falling 27-17 to the Buffalo Bills in their first game. The franchise may have finished last season well with a 6-2 record but that was helped by a very weak backend schedule.

In our opinion, hopes of a turn in fortunes are misplaced. The Jets needed a serious overhaul of their squad in the close season and whilst they have added some new faces, the rebuild isn’t completely over and there are still gaps in the team.

Trading out their best defensive player in Jamal Adams was a bad bit of business for the Jets, which was then compounded by linebacker CJ Mosley’s decision to sit out the season due to Covid-19. If you thought the Jets stunk out the NFL last season, just wait to see what they do this time around.

#4 The Miami Dolphins to Finish Third in AFC East

If the New York Jets are to have a terrible season, then someone will benefit, and we think that will be the Miami Dolphins. Over the close season, the Dolphins have been adding to their squad with former Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl cornerback Byron Jones, Shaw Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy joining the team.

After going 0-7 at the beginning of last season things looked tough for the Dolphins with some pundits predicting that they would become only the third team in NFL history to finish a campaign with a 0-16 record.

Bill Belichick’s former assistant Brian Flores masterminded somewhat of a turnaround in the latter part of the season and with a deeper roster to choose from, he should be able to get a tune out of the squad this season and finish above the beleaguered Jets.

#5 Tennessee Titans to Make the Playoffs

Last season the Titans playoff run ended with an AFC Championship game against eventual Super Bowl winners the Kansas City Chiefs. After a rocky start to the season Comeback Player of the Year Ryan Tannehill took the reins at the Titans, turning the team into a real force as the won seven of their last eleven games.

The Titans are the first team in NFL history to finish 9-7 in four successive seasons, but we expect them to improve on that record this time around. The franchise may not have made any major moves in terms of additions, but they have kept 10 of their 11 regular league starters.

After finishing the season on somewhat of a high by dismantling the New England Patriots before their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, confidence will be high in Tennessee and that could well carry them to the playoffs.

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