Entrepreneur Bharat Singh Talks About Image Consulting and Handling Social Media For VIPs In Fitness and Political World

Bharat Singh

Bharat Singh made a big name for himself in the entrepreneur world during his early twenties. He is known as a king of fitness on social media. He was always a fitness and health enthusiast and wanted to use social media to talk more about it. That’s what he did and it totally worked for him.

He started social media management to focus on health, exercise and fitness along with his studies. Bharat Singh hails from UP’s Lucknow and always had a good idea how the fitness industry works. When he was 16, his name was associated with many famous and popular bodybuilders, fitness models and political personalities around the world.

Today, he manages the social media accounts of world famous personalities in the field of fitness. He has been also consulting to many popular celebrities across the globe. Bharat has made an online brand presence and designed campaigns brands, multinationals, influencers, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities.

According to Bharat – “Social media has seen a sharp increase in use during the pandemic, largely due to social distancing measures encouraged by many governments. So he prefers this is the best time to go all out on the social media platforms.

How does he feel to be successful and well-known as this young age? Bharat Singh said, “I am myself a fitness freak. I wanted to help others when they are confused about health and guiding others for social awareness. Not everyone has an idea what’s best for them. So I decided to get into social media management to spread the importance of health and social awareness. I am glad it worked out.”

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